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Node Wrangler - Dynamic output slot creation
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Authored by Christian Brinkmann (poor) on Sun, Dec 1, 7:10 PM.



This patch adds a new 'AddOutputSocket' operator to 'Node Wrangler', which allows to automatically generate new output slots for 'file nodes' based on the nodes in selection as well connecting them properly:

I also added a new 'Create File Output Sockets' menu entry for 'Lazy Connect' in case the type of the actual 'taget node' is 'OUTPUT_FILE' so users can add the slots node by node:

What do you think?


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This seems useful :) since you've done a fair bit of work on NW I think you should talk to someone about getting commit access. I haven't been following blender development for quite a while so I wouldn't be comfortable committing this myself, but it looks great and I can't see any obvious issues with the way you've implemented it.

It would also be cool if this could be used on node groups, so it automatically names the node group inputs to match the name of whatever they're wired from.

Cool, many thanks @Greg Zaal (gregzaal). Of course, who can I ask for that? IRC, #blender-coders?

Afaik IRC isn't used anymore, instead there is and devtalk.