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Shrinkwrap smoothing
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Authored by Graham Unit (GCRev) on Dec 15 2019, 5:44 PM.



Adds a smoothing post-processing option for the shrinkwrap modifier. On any other setting than 0 iterations, the algorithm adds the laplacian of the deltas to the base mesh to produce a smooth-looking deformed mesh -- this makes it possible to avoid losing detail on parts of the mesh that are not affected by the shrinkwrap displacement.

Deltas that would otherwise lose magnitude as a result of smoothing are not updated to avoid further volume loss; this keeps the result much closer to the surface of the target while still adjusting other shrinkwrapped (and non-shrinkwrapped) vertexes to follow the smooth surface.

Edit: tagging Pablo Dobarro because he was the last user to touch the shrinkwrap.c file.

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Removed unused variable.

Graham Unit (GCRev) edited the summary of this revision. (Show Details)Sun, Jan 5, 6:55 PM

Fixed an issue with when smoothing in the "projection" mode while constrained to axes. The solution is to not pre-deform the verts when the smoothing count is greater than zero, because they will be added back later anyway.

The delta map is now scaled by weight during the parallel calculation phase as well.

Something is still wonky with axis-locked projection smoothing. I'm not entirely sure why that is.