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UI Suggestion: Add/Remove Icons
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Authored by Harley Acheson (harley) on Dec 21 2019, 9:13 PM.



Don't throw things at me, this is just a thought.

I realize that our long-term goal is to simplify the overly-complex widgets we use for things like Scene and View Layer. But wondering if we would consider changing them in the mean time.

One issue with these widgets is the (confusing) use of the "duplicate" icon for New. Even when a newly-created item starts as a copy of something existing, the most important part is that something new is created while the starting defaults is only a secondary consideration.

Another issue is the use of "X" for removal that is so close to the application "close" icon on the Windows title bar.

The attached patch changes these to use "+" for New and the trash for removal. The following illustrates the change, with the window title bar to show the proximity. The top is how it looks now, while the bottom is after this patch is applied. I think the latter is clearer and less confusing next to the title bar.

Again, just a suggestion disguised as a patch. LOL

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Harley Acheson (harley) edited the summary of this revision. (Show Details)

Yep, this seems better, at least in isolation. The Remove button removes and doesn't simply close, so an X isn't really appropriate.

Only thing is that, to add more confusion, we already use different icons elsewhere:

Probably we should unify all these icons to be the same.

Campbell Barton (campbellbarton) requested changes to this revision.Thu, Jan 2, 10:41 AM

Currently the cross is used for both remove and unlink (in the image, node editors, sequence strip scene, to name a few).

Where the meaning of the rubbish bin is always to remove, for this patch to make sense we should differentiate unlink-data from delete-data.

This revision now requires changes to proceed.Thu, Jan 2, 10:41 AM

Also, for example, "New Material" actually creates a duplicate, while "New Image" creates a new one. So here two different icons will be useful.