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UI: Makes the Preferences window wider
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Authored by Yevgeny Makarov (jenkm) on Fri, Jan 24, 3:48 PM.



The patch makes the Preferences window a little wider.

New proportions look better and less text clipping.

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It doesn't address text clipping under 2a-2b preferences → Navigation → Zoom. The "Zoom method" and "Zoom axis" need one line for themselves and the rest 3 checkboxes can be put in one or two rows.
In 1a-1b and 4a-4b, it makes only ratio to be 550:750 which is not standard from photography PoV either. On smaller screens (13"), screen space is expensive (-:
In 3a-3b, yes those two (under auto save) in one line would have been helpful if they save me scrolling down, but that's not the case. It's all already in one window.

The "Zoom Method" and "Zoom Axis" should just not be expand=True. But, it's a separate patch.

Indeed, Zoom Method and Zoom Axis should not be expanded. We can certainly do that. And many places the flow layout doesn't look very good - probably better to just make it use a single column - will look even better with the changes in T65965.

With wider prefs, I don't see any real examples of text clipping?

In general many areas of Preferences use a single column of properties which doesn't require a lot of horizontal space.