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Particles: add "Select Linked" operator that works from the menus

Authored by Philipp Oeser (lichtwerk) on Wed, Feb 12, 6:21 PM.



The current "Select Linked" operator works based on mouse position and
makes no sense to call from the menus and was removed in rBdd9dfadaac9b.

This patch adds an operator independent from mouse position that just
selects all keys to a corresponding point (and adds back menu entries).

The original operator is renamed to 'select_linked_pick' internally
(this is now more in line to how "Select Linked" works for meshes,
curves etc)

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update to master (since D6822 was commited)

Campbell Barton (campbellbarton) added inline comments.

Picky, other similar operators call this "Select Linked"

This revision is now accepted and ready to land.Thu, Feb 13, 11:08 AM


  • MESH_OT_select_linked_pick is "Select Linked"
  • MESH_OT_select_linked is "Select Linked All"
  • CURVE_OT_select_linked_pick is "Select Linked"
  • CURVE_OT_select_linked is "Select Linked All"
  • MASK_OT_select_linked_pick is "Select Linked"
  • MASK_OT_select_linked is "Select Linked All"

(I thought of keeping that in line with those...), so

  • PARTICLE_OT_select_linked_pick is "Select Linked"
  • PARTICLE_OT_select_linked is "Select Linked All"?

No problem then, these can be made consistent in a separate commit.