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T68144: Fixed point-in-object test isect_bvhtree_point_v3_impl in bmesh_intersect.c
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Authored by Frank Olthuis (Fury) on Thu, Feb 13, 10:44 PM.



This fixes bug T68144.
The main issue with T68144 was that the ray to determine the number of intersections with the cylinder hit the cylinder exactly on an edge. I expect additional problems caused by floating point precision limitations. To solve both issues, I repeat the point-in-object test with at most 5 different rays as long as the result is uncertain. If all outcomes are uncertain, the majority vote is returned. All this should have little effect on performance, because uncertain outcomes should be unlikely.

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rB Blender
T68144 (branched from master)
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Buildable 6612
Build 6612: arc lint + arc unit

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@Frank Olthuis (Fury) Please do not fiddle like that with reviewers, if you do not know who to assign to, just assign to a project then (could have been Modeling e.g. for that patch).