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UI: Rounding the corners of the splash image according to the theme preferences.
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Authored by Yevgeny Makarov (jenkm) on Fri, Feb 14, 10:26 AM.



Rounding the corners of the splash screen image according to the theme's roundness preference.

The rounding of the splash screen block itself depends on the wcol_menu_back.roundness theme settings, and user can even set it to zero.
So, in this case the splash image rounding will not match the block ones.

This patch allows you to add proper corner rounding when the image is displayed.
It process only the corner part of the image, both corners in one pass, so a small number of operations are performed.

It also makes it easier to create new splash images as there is no need to worry about adding corner rounding.

Splash screen screenshots:

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Thanks, but I rather leave this entirely up to the splash designers. There isn't really a need for this to be tweakable, and if the designers want to make a change it makes that harder.

The rounding of the block itself depends on the theme settings, see here D6549 for an example, you can even set it to zero, so the image will not match the block.
You can make the radius fixed for splash screen block, as an alternative.

And just the opposite is easier for the designer, he does not need to worry about rounding it just creates an image without any rounding.

You can commandeer the revision back to fix the author field.

It's been always a headache to get the rounded corners on the splash right (I'm currently using a rounded rectangle mask in the SVG file), having it automatically done would solve it!