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Add ScreenRender addon

Authored by Luca Rood (LucaRood) on Thu, Mar 19, 11:58 AM.



ScreenRender allows you to capture the Blender UI for each frame of an animation.
This enables you to neatly show how the UI and different values are changing during animation.

More info, and demo here:

I had originally just released this on GitLab, but @Aaron Carlisle (Blendify) thought it might be useful to be included by default, and suggested I submit it.

Also, I'm not sure what is the protocol with the bl_info documentation field at the moment.

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Oh, and I'm only part of the BF Blender project, not the Add-ons project, so I suppose if I am to commit this I would need to be added to that group as well...

Luca Rood (LucaRood) edited the summary of this revision. (Show Details)Thu, Mar 19, 12:06 PM
Luca Rood (LucaRood) added a project: Add-ons.

Don't add the entire add-ons project as reviewer, that notifies every member.

Please use the GPL. This is using the Blender API so it needs to be GPL in practice anyway, let's not make the licensing more complicated than it needs to be.

I think this add-on could use a better name.

I'll add you as a member of the add-ons project.

Sorry about notifying everyone, I'm not really familiar with the addon process, so didn't know who to add.

I didn't intend to submit this addon to the repo originally, hence the MPL, which is my go-to license. I'll update the patch with the license change.

I'm open to naming suggestions, if anyone has ideas :)

And thanks for adding me to the add-ons project!

  • Change license to GPL

I'm using GPL 2 or later (as opposed to GPL 3), as that is used by most of the Blender code.

Luca Rood (LucaRood) edited the summary of this revision. (Show Details)Thu, Mar 19, 1:54 PM

What about "Animated Screen Capture", or "Animated ScreenGrab" for the name ?
It's less stylish but more descriptive...

"Screen Capture" is simple but a little misleading.

I didn't want to use the words "capture" or "grab" because they are associated with live interactive screen recording, while what this addon does is in no way interactive, and more akin to the process of offline rendering, except that it "renders" the whole UI.
"ScreenRender" was the best I could come up with... Other options could be "UIRender", "GUIRender", "InterfaceRender", or something along those lines.

I think that the issue with ScreenRender is that it doesn't convey the idea that the output is an animation.
Maybe something in the line of "UI Anim Render" ?

I think if we settle on a name then this could get committed.

@paul szajner (szap), I get what you mean about conveying the idea of animation, and indeed that makes sense.

@Aaron Carlisle (Blendify), yes, based on @paul szajner (szap)'s idea, I'm thinking "UI Animation Render", "Animated UI Render", "Render Animated UI", "Render UI Animation".

I don't have a strong opinion on this. I'll rename it to whatever is deemed acceptable.

Re naming, I would vote for "UI Animation Render", but do not have a strong opinion here either, it is indeed not easy to get a good descriptive name...

Otherwise from quick scan code looks good, and feature is indeed nice to have, so am giving the green light. ;)

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