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Sculpt: Face Sets Init operator

Authored by Pablo Dobarro (pablodp606) on Sat, Mar 21, 11:25 PM.
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This operator initializes all face sets in the sculpt at once using
different mesh properties. It can create face sets by mesh connectivity,
material slots, face normals, UV seams, creases, sharp edges, bevel
weights and face maps.

For properties that are already in the faces, this is implemented as a
loop. Properties that depend on edge attributes use a similar operation
to sculpt flood fill, but using face adjacency instead of edge vertex

As Multires also stores the face sets in the base mesh, this should work
in the face sets Multires implementation without any changes.

This is implemented as a separate operator as this resets the visibility
and creates all face sets at once, while the create face set operator
creates a single face sets, leaving the rest of the face sets in the
mesh as they are.

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Another great advancement, @Pablo Dobarro (pablodp606), many thanks! 👍

Will you also be able to assign different Face Sets to isolated parts, like in the attached example?

Fantastic patch. I have a question though. Are you thinking about adding the ability to do the operations the other way around and generate things like materials, vertex groups, and face maps based on face sets as well? Especially materials I think would be super useful since I like to block out a model with very basic materials just to get a better idea of how things look in Eevee and Cycles. Not to mention an auto-retopology add-on I have called QuadRemesher which allows you to remesh based on materials, which would greatly benefit from such a feature.

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