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Fix solidify complex mode degenerate geometry chain merging

Authored by Henrik Dick (weasel) on Tue, Mar 24, 1:16 PM.



Fixes T75032.

  • implemented the algortihm that would merge vertices to the weighted center between them
  • exposed the merge threshold to the user

I didn't implement the versioning code yet, because I didn't really figure out yet how it works in blender.
Versioning could/should be added to this Diff before commit, but even if it's not added it wont break existing files,
but existing files might look a little different if degenerate geometry was present since the tolerance was
previously set to 0.0003 and without versioning it will now be 3.7e-23 if I'm not mistaking.

The new default tolerance is 0.0001

when testing evaluate the step size for the slider, because I'm unsure about that.
We should really have logarithmic sliders for these kind of values that are always bigger than 0.

Diff Detail

rB Blender

Event Timeline

  • Rebase
  • Add versioning code
  • Rebase
  • Cleanup (that comment I copy and pasted...)

changed 0.003 to 0.0003 since that is the actual value that should be put in


UI steps of merge threshold are a bit meh, but think this code (UI code that is) needs some love anyway, ways it handle the value is weird at best...


Please use valid doubles everywhere (1.0).

This revision is now accepted and ready to land.Mon, Mar 30, 6:31 PM