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Add a check before triggering unnecessary rendered view redraws in Node Editor

Authored by Nikhil Shringarpurey (Nikhil.Net) on Fri, May 22, 8:46 PM.



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Currently, any click in the node editor triggers a dependency graph update. This forces a redraw if the 3D view is set to Rendered View and the render engine is Cycles. For a complex scene, these forced redraws could be very annoying to live with.

This Diff does a check to see if a node is active and if the current spaceNode is flagged as "is_updating". If so, it still fires the update. But if not, the update is suppressed.

This eliminates the unneeded forced redraws but also keeps full functionality.

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Thanks for the patch, but there is a more complete solution for this in D7830: Fix T76970: Unneccessary update calls viewport.

is_updating also wasn't the right variable to check, it's used for avoid infinite recursion rather than indicating if the nodetree was modified.