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Trackpad: change the default of "Trackpad Natural" preference.
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Authored by Yevgeny Makarov (jenkm) on Aug 12 2020, 3:10 PM.
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Trackpad: change the default of the "Trackpad Natural" user preference.

It is assumed that this flag always matches the macOS system preferences.
So in some cases (e.g., scroll active items in menu, alt-scroll values in buttons),
the direction is absolute and does not depend on the system preferences for trackpad.

In fact, we must just read the system settings and set this flag automatically.

- (BOOL)isEventDirectionInverted:(NSEvent*)event {
  if ([event respondsToSelector:@selector(isDirectionInvertedFromDevice)])
    return [event isDirectionInvertedFromDevice];
  return NO;

For now (just lack of my knowledge), simply set the default value
to match the default system settings, which is "natural".

T64917: Apple Magic mouse pan is opposite for view3d.rotate
T71431: Rotating the view with trackpad reversed from rotating with the gizmo, not configurable.

Any other code (at least my patches) assumes that this flag matches to the system settings.

With defaults "natural" - content tracks finger movement. Objects rotate in the same direction as the fingers,
which also matches the direction of rotation using the gizmo or the middle mouse button.

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