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Reduce ambiguity with GPU vertex buffer operations
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Authored by Campbell Barton (campbellbarton) on Aug 21 2020, 10:05 AM.



Made based on discussion in rBdd3f5186260eddc2c115b560bb832baff0f108ae.

replace_all = (
    ("GPU_vertbuf_data_len_set",      "GPU_vertbuf_set_number_of_verts"),
    ("GPU_vertbuf_data_alloc",        "GPU_vertbuf_alloc_number_of_verts"),
    ("GPU_vertbuf_data_resize",       "GPU_vertbuf_resize_number_of_verts"),

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TEMP-GPU-REFACTOR (branched from master)
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Build 9706: arc lint + arc unit

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@Campbell Barton (campbellbarton), as I've mentioned in the linked commit, naming is fine with me. But I expect such conventions become a part of guideline.
What is the urge of committing the cleanup vs. agreeing in conventions with the team and making it a part of guidelines first?

We can hold off with this until details are agreed on.
(posting so you can drop concern with that commit!)

Semi-related: Do we have convention about where the get and set of a getter/setter function should be? As in GPU_vertbuf_set_number_of_verts vs GPU_vertbuf_number_of_verts_set.

The GPUVertBuf only deals with number of elements (vertices) as the number of attributes has already been specified inside the vertex format. So I don't really see any need to be more explicit other than the parameter names (which could be changed to vert_len instead of v_len).

To me, removing the _data_ is confusing as it hides that the function affect the data the buffer hold (which is not true until data_alloc is called). We might soon have GPU_vertbuf_alloc() to allocate the GPUVertBuf object itself without initialization and the name would conflict with data handling.

The only issue I can see is GPU_vertbuf_data_len_set needing a better name for what it does. Any suggestion on this is welcomed.

If I have to have a take on this, I would rename to GPU_vertbuf_verts_* or GPU_vertbuf_verts_data_*.

And finally, if I have no choice but to use GPU_vertbuf_set_number_of_verts I would prefer the shorter version GPU_vertbuf_set_num_verts`.

Personally I like the idea of having get/set/alloc etc at the end. It groups the ordering inside the IDE especially when a lot of changes happen in that area. But on the other hand having a strict definition of get/set/alloc would also help as most likely you know what you want to do. I think these kind of topics work better when posted on devtalk.