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BGE: Fix for T42285 & T38935 crashes. They are Rayhit related.

Authored by Jorge Bernal (lordloki) on Jan 8 2015, 11:04 PM.



We make sure that good values are passed to GetPolygon() and checking that the visual mesh doesn't have a wrong displacement when it pass over a object that it has as compound bound a mesh triangle.

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This seems alright, but I'll need to look closer at the usage of glTranslated here.

@Sergej do you see any issues with this physics-wise?

Why do you switch from using the result->m_hitPoint to pulling the data out of this matrix?

It seems that with triangle mesh selected as compound bounds and under "certain conditions" when we do glTranslated(resultpoint[0],resultpoint[1],resultpoint[2]); the object that projects the shadow is translated to the hitting point of the projected shadow.

If we use glTranslated(oglmatrix[12],oglmatrix[13],oglmatrix[14]); we will ensure that we will translate the object to the object position.

Anyway, I have tried to reproduce the bug from a new blend file (copying mesh positions, physics attributes, etc) and I weren't able to do it. Then, is it possible that the mesh in the bug file is corrupted or damaged? Here is the new file

that i did and the bug file

Maybe, should we leave the check for m_hitpolygon only (to avoid the possible crashes)?

I'm not familiar with this code so I'm not sure why we get a hit reported without having a mesh, I guess this is intentional?
Doing the check to prevent the crash should be fine then, but maybe it's better to test for m_hitMesh?

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  • Check for m_hitMesh instead of m_hitPolygon. if this field is set, then we can trust that m_hitPolygon is a valid polygon.

I am okay with this change.

@Angus Hollands (agoose77)
You're probably the only other guy that knows anything about the BGE's physics code (that is still active), do you have any additional comments?

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