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import re
import functools
import flask
import werkzeug.routing
class HashedPathConverter(werkzeug.routing.PathConverter):
"""Allows for files `xxx.yyy.js` to be served as `xxx.yyy.abc123.js`.
The hash code is placed before the last extension.
weight = 300
# Hash length is hard-coded to 8 characters for now.
hash_re = re.compile(r'\.([a-zA-Z0-9]{8})(?=\.[^.]+$)')
def to_python(self, from_url: str) -> str:
return self.hash_re.sub('', from_url)
def to_url(self, filepath: str) -> str:
dotidx = filepath.rindex('.')
except ValueError:
# Happens when there is no dot. Very unlikely.
return filepath
current_hash = flask.current_app.config['STATIC_FILE_HASH']
before, after = filepath[:dotidx], filepath[dotidx:]
return f'{before}.{current_hash}{after}'
def add_response_headers(headers: dict):
"""This decorator adds the headers passed in to the response"""
def decorator(f):
def decorated_function(*args, **kwargs):
resp = flask.make_response(f(*args, **kwargs))
h = resp.headers
for header, value in headers.items():
h[header] = value
return resp
return decorated_function
return decorator
def vary_xhr():
"""View function decorator; adds HTTP header "Vary: X-Requested-With" to the response"""
def decorator(f):
header_adder = add_response_headers({'Vary': 'X-Requested-With'})
return header_adder(f)
return decorator
def ensure_schema(url: str) -> str:
"""Return the same URL with the configured PREFERRED_URL_SCHEME."""
import urllib.parse
if not url:
return url
bits = urllib.parse.urlsplit(url, allow_fragments=True)
if not bits[0] and not bits[1]:
# don't replace the schema if there is not even a hostname.
return url
scheme = flask.current_app.config.get('PREFERRED_URL_SCHEME', 'https')
bits = (scheme, *bits[1:])
return urllib.parse.urlunsplit(bits)

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