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import collections
import datetime
import logging
import typing
from urllib.parse import urljoin
import bson
import requests
from pillar import current_app, auth
from pillar.api.utils import utcnow
SyncUser = collections.namedtuple('SyncUser', 'user_id token bid_user_id')
BadgeHTML = collections.namedtuple('BadgeHTML', 'html expires')
log = logging.getLogger(__name__)
class StopRefreshing(Exception):
"""Indicates that Blender ID is having problems.
Further badge refreshes should be put on hold to avoid bludgeoning
a suffering Blender ID.
def find_user_to_sync(user_id: bson.ObjectId) -> typing.Optional[SyncUser]:
"""Return user information for syncing badges for a specific user.
Returns None if the user cannot be synced (no 'badge' scope on a token,
or no Blender ID user_id known).
my_log = log.getChild('refresh_single_user')
now = utcnow()
tokens_coll = current_app.db('tokens')
users_coll = current_app.db('users')
token_info = tokens_coll.find_one({
'user': user_id,
'token': {'$exists': True},
'oauth_scopes': 'badge',
'expire_time': {'$gt': now},
if not token_info:
my_log.debug('No token with scope "badge" for user %s', user_id)
return None
user_info = users_coll.find_one({'_id': user_id})
# TODO(Sybren): do this filtering in the MongoDB query:
bid_user_ids = [auth_info.get('user_id')
for auth_info in user_info.get('auth', [])
if auth_info.get('provider', '') == 'blender-id' and auth_info.get('user_id')]
if not bid_user_ids:
my_log.debug('No Blender ID user_id for user %s', user_id)
return None
bid_user_id = bid_user_ids[0]
return SyncUser(user_id=user_id, token=token_info['token'], bid_user_id=bid_user_id)
def find_users_to_sync() -> typing.Iterable[SyncUser]:
"""Return user information of syncable users with badges."""
now = utcnow()
tokens_coll = current_app.db('tokens')
cursor = tokens_coll.aggregate([
# Find all users who have a 'badge' scope in their OAuth token.
{'$match': {
'token': {'$exists': True},
'oauth_scopes': 'badge',
'expire_time': {'$gt': now},
# TODO(Sybren): save real token expiry time but keep checking tokens hourly when they are used!
{'$lookup': {
'from': 'users',
'localField': 'user',
'foreignField': '_id',
'as': 'user'
# Prevent 'user' from being an array.
{'$unwind': {'path': '$user'}},
# Get the Blender ID user ID only.
{'$unwind': {'path': '$user.auth'}},
{'$match': {'user.auth.provider': 'blender-id'}},
# Only select those users whose badge doesn't exist or has expired.
{'$match': {
'user.badges.expires': {'$not': {'$gt': now}}
# Make sure that the badges that expire last are also refreshed last.
{'$sort': {'user.badges.expires': 1}},
# Reduce the document to the info we're after.
{'$project': {
'token': True,
'user._id': True,
'user.auth.user_id': True,
log.debug('Aggregating tokens and users')
for user_info in cursor:
log.debug('User %s has badges %s',
user_info['user']['_id'], user_info['user'].get('badges'))
yield SyncUser(
def fetch_badge_html(session: requests.Session, user: SyncUser, size: str) \
-> str:
"""Fetch a Blender ID badge for this user.
:param session:
:param user:
:param size: Size indication for the badge images, see the Blender ID
documentation/code. As of this writing valid sizes are {'s', 'm', 'l'}.
my_log = log.getChild('fetch_badge_html')
blender_id_endpoint = current_app.config['BLENDER_ID_ENDPOINT']
url = urljoin(blender_id_endpoint, f'api/badges/{user.bid_user_id}/html/{size}')
my_log.debug('Fetching badge HTML at %s for user %s', url, user.user_id)
resp = session.get(url, headers={'Authorization': f'Bearer {user.token}'})
except requests.ConnectionError as ex:
my_log.warning('Unable to connect to Blender ID at %s: %s', url, ex)
raise StopRefreshing()
if resp.status_code == 204:
my_log.debug('No badges for user %s', user.user_id)
return ''
if resp.status_code == 403:
# TODO(Sybren): this indicates the token is invalid, so we could just as well delete it.
my_log.warning('Tried fetching %s for user %s but received a 403: %s',
url, user.user_id, resp.text)
return ''
if resp.status_code == 400:
my_log.warning('Blender ID did not accept our GET request at %s for user %s: %s',
url, user.user_id, resp.text)
return ''
if resp.status_code == 500:
my_log.warning('Blender ID returned an internal server error on %s for user %s, '
'aborting all badge refreshes: %s', url, user.user_id, resp.text)
raise StopRefreshing()
if resp.status_code == 404:
my_log.warning('Blender ID has no user %s for our user %s', user.bid_user_id, user.user_id)
return ''
return resp.text
def refresh_all_badges(only_user_id: typing.Optional[bson.ObjectId] = None, *,
timelimit: datetime.timedelta):
"""Re-fetch all badges for all users, except when already refreshed recently.
:param only_user_id: Only refresh this user. This is expected to be used
sparingly during manual maintenance / debugging sessions only. It does
fetch all users to refresh, and in Python code skips all except the
given one.
:param dry_run: if True the changes are described in the log, but not performed.
:param timelimit: Refreshing will stop after this time. This allows for cron(-like)
jobs to run without overlapping, even when the number fo badges to refresh
becomes larger than possible within the period of the cron job.
my_log = log.getChild('refresh_all_badges')
# Test the config before we start looping over the world.
badge_expiry = badge_expiry_config()
if not badge_expiry or not isinstance(badge_expiry, datetime.timedelta):
raise ValueError('BLENDER_ID_BADGE_EXPIRY not configured properly, should be a timedelta')
session = _get_requests_session()
deadline = utcnow() + timelimit
num_updates = 0
for user_info in find_users_to_sync():
if utcnow() > deadline:'Stopping badge refresh because the timelimit %s (H:MM:SS) was hit.',
if only_user_id and user_info.user_id != only_user_id:
my_log.debug('Skipping user %s', user_info.user_id)
badge_html = fetch_badge_html(session, user_info, 's')
except StopRefreshing:
my_log.error('Blender ID has internal problems, stopping badge refreshing at user %s',
num_updates += 1
update_badges(user_info, badge_html, badge_expiry, dry_run=dry_run)'Updated badges of %d users%s', num_updates, ' (dry-run)' if dry_run else '')
def _get_requests_session() -> requests.Session:
from requests.adapters import HTTPAdapter
session = requests.Session()
session.mount('https://', HTTPAdapter(max_retries=5))
return session
def refresh_single_user(user_id: bson.ObjectId):
"""Refresh badges for a single user."""
my_log = log.getChild('refresh_single_user')
badge_expiry = badge_expiry_config()
if not badge_expiry:
my_log.warning('Skipping badge fetching, BLENDER_ID_BADGE_EXPIRY not configured')
my_log.debug('Fetching badges for user %s', user_id)
session = _get_requests_session()
user_info = find_user_to_sync(user_id)
if not user_info:
badge_html = fetch_badge_html(session, user_info, 's')
except StopRefreshing:
my_log.error('Blender ID has internal problems, stopping badge refreshing at user %s',
update_badges(user_info, badge_html, badge_expiry, dry_run=False)'Updated badges of user %s', user_id)
def update_badges(user_info: SyncUser, badge_html: str, badge_expiry: datetime.timedelta,
*, dry_run: bool):
my_log = log.getChild('update_badges')
users_coll = current_app.db('users')
update = {'badges': {
'html': badge_html,
'expires': utcnow() + badge_expiry,
}}'Updating badges HTML for Blender ID %s, user %s',
user_info.bid_user_id, user_info.user_id)
if dry_run:
result = users_coll.update_one({'_id': user_info.user_id},
{'$set': update})
if result.matched_count != 1:
my_log.warning('Unable to update badges for user %s', user_info.user_id)
def badge_expiry_config() -> datetime.timedelta:
return current_app.config.get('BLENDER_ID_BADGE_EXPIRY')
def sync_badge_upon_login(sender: auth.UserClass, **kwargs):
"""Auto-sync badges when a user logs in."""'Refreshing badge of %s because they logged in', sender.user_id)

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