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import functools
import logging
from eve.methods.get import get
from eve.utils import config as eve_config
from flask import Blueprint, request, current_app, g
from pillar.api import utils
from pillar.api.utils.authentication import current_user_id
from pillar.api.utils.authorization import require_login
from werkzeug.datastructures import MultiDict
from werkzeug.exceptions import InternalServerError
TL_PROJECTION = utils.dumps({'name': 1, 'url': 1, 'permissions': 1,})
TL_SORT = utils.dumps([('name', 1)])
eve_config.QUERY_SORT: TL_SORT,
'max_results': 'null', # this needs to be there, or we get a KeyError.
blueprint = Blueprint('blender_cloud.texture_libs', __name__)
log = logging.getLogger(__name__)
def keep_fetching_texture_libraries(proj_filter):
groups = g.current_user['groups']
user_id = g.current_user['user_id']
page = 1
max_page = float('inf')
while page <= max_page:
request.args.setlist(eve_config.QUERY_PAGE, [page])
result, _, _, status, _ = get(
{'$or': [
{'user': user_id},
{'': {'$in': groups}},
{'': 'GET'}
if status != 200:
log.warning('Error fetching texture libraries: %s', result)
raise InternalServerError('Error fetching texture libraries')
for proj in result['_items']:
if proj_filter(proj):
yield proj
# Compute the last page number we should query.
meta = result['_meta']
max_page = meta['total'] // meta['max_results']
if meta['total'] % meta['max_results'] > 0:
max_page += 1
page += 1
def texture_libraries():
from . import blender_cloud_addon_version
# Use Eve method so that we get filtering on permissions for free.
# This gives all the projects that contain the required node types.
request.args = MultiDict(request.args) # allow changes; it's an ImmutableMultiDict by default.
request.args.setlist(eve_config.QUERY_PROJECTION, [TL_PROJECTION])
request.args.setlist(eve_config.QUERY_SORT, [TL_SORT])
# Determine whether to return HDRi projects too, based on the version
# of the Blender Cloud Addon. If the addon version is None, we're dealing
# with a version of the BCA that's so old it doesn't send its version along.
addon_version = blender_cloud_addon_version()
return_hdri = addon_version >= FIRST_ADDON_VERSION_WITH_HDRI
log.debug('User %s has Blender Cloud Addon version %s; return_hdri=%s',
current_user_id(), addon_version, return_hdri)
accept_as_library = functools.partial(has_texture_node, return_hdri=return_hdri)
# Construct eve-like response.
projects = list(keep_fetching_texture_libraries(accept_as_library))
result = {'_items': projects,
'_meta': {
'max_results': len(projects),
'page': 1,
'total': len(projects),
return utils.jsonify(result)
def has_texture_node(proj, return_hdri=True):
"""Returns True iff the project has a top-level (group)texture node."""
nodes_collection =['nodes']
# See which types of nodes we support.
node_types = ['group_texture']
if return_hdri:
count = nodes_collection.count(
{'node_type': {'$in': node_types},
'project': proj['_id'],
'parent': None})
return count > 0
def sort_by_image_width(node, original=None):
"""Sort the files in an HDRi node by image file size."""
if node.get('node_type') != 'hdri':
if not node.get('properties', {}).get('files'):
# TODO: re-enable this once all current HDRis have been saved in correct order.
# # Don't bother sorting when the files haven't changed.
# if original is not None and \
# original.get('properties', {}).get('files') == node['properties']['files']:
# return'Sorting HDRi node %s', node.get('_id', 'NO-ID'))
files_coll =['files']
def sort_key(file_ref):
file_doc = files_coll.find_one(file_ref['file'], projection={'length': 1})
return file_doc['length']
def sort_nodes_by_image_width(nodes):
for node in nodes:
def setup_app(app, url_prefix):
app.on_replace_nodes += sort_by_image_width
app.on_insert_nodes += sort_nodes_by_image_width
app.register_api_blueprint(blueprint, url_prefix=url_prefix)

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