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from pillar.api.node_types import _file_embedded_schema
node_type_texture = {
'name': 'texture',
'description': 'Image Texture',
# This data type does not have parent limitations (can be child
# of any node). An empty parent declaration is required.
'parent': ['group', ],
'dyn_schema': {
'status': {
'type': 'string',
'allowed': [
# Used for sorting within the context of a group
'order': {'type': 'integer'},
# We point to the file variations (and use it to extract any relevant
# variation useful for our scope).
'files': {
'type': 'list',
'schema': {
'type': 'dict',
'schema': {
'file': _file_embedded_schema,
'map_type': {
'type': 'string',
'allowed': [
# Properties of the texture files
'is_tileable': {'type': 'boolean'},
'is_landscape': {'type': 'boolean'},
# Resolution in 'WIDTHxHEIGHT' format (e.g. 512x512)
'resolution': {'type': 'string'},
'aspect_ratio': {'type': 'float'},
# Tags for search
'tags': {
'type': 'list',
'schema': {
'type': 'string'
# Simple string to represent hierarchical categories. Should follow
# this schema: "Root > Nested Category > One More Nested Category"
'categories': {
'type': 'string'
'form_schema': {
'content_type': {'visible': False},
'tags': {'visible': False},
'categories': {'visible': False},

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