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import typing
import bson
import pymongo
from flask import Blueprint, current_app
from pillar.api.utils import jsonify
blueprint = Blueprint('latest', __name__)
def _public_project_ids() -> typing.List[bson.ObjectId]:
"""Returns a list of ObjectIDs of public projects.
Memoized in setup_app().
proj_coll = current_app.db('projects')
result = proj_coll.find({'is_private': False}, {'_id': 1})
return [p['_id'] for p in result]
def latest_nodes(db_filter, projection, limit):
"""Returns the latest nodes, of a certain type, of public projects.
Also includes information about the project and the user of each node.
proj = {
'_created': 1,
'_updated': 1,
'user.full_name': 1,
'project._id': 1,
'project.url': 1,
'': 1,
'name': 1,
'node_type': 1,
'parent': 1,
nodes_coll = current_app.db('nodes')
pipeline = [
{'$match': {'_deleted': {'$ne': True}}},
{'$match': db_filter},
{'$match': {'project': {'$in': _public_project_ids()}}},
{'$sort': {'_created': pymongo.DESCENDING}},
{'$limit': limit},
{'$lookup': {"from": "users",
"localField": "user",
"foreignField": "_id",
"as": "user"}},
{'$unwind': {'path': "$user"}},
{'$lookup': {"from": "projects",
"localField": "project",
"foreignField": "_id",
"as": "project"}},
{'$unwind': {'path': "$project"}},
{'$project': proj},
latest = nodes_coll.aggregate(pipeline)
return list(latest)
def latest_assets():
latest = latest_nodes({'node_type': 'asset',
'properties.status': 'published'},
{'name': 1, 'node_type': 1,
'parent': 1, 'picture': 1, 'properties.status': 1,
'properties.content_type': 1,
'': 1},
return jsonify({'_items': latest})
def latest_comments():
latest = latest_nodes({'node_type': 'comment',
'properties.status': 'published'},
{'parent': 1,
'properties.content': 1, 'node_type': 1,
'properties.status': 1,
'properties.is_reply': 1},
# Embed the comments' parents.
# TODO: move to aggregation pipeline.
nodes =['nodes']
parents = {}
for comment in latest:
parent_id = comment['parent']
if parent_id in parents:
comment['parent'] = parents[parent_id]
parent = nodes.find_one(parent_id)
parents[parent_id] = parent
comment['parent'] = parent
return jsonify({'_items': latest})
def setup_app(app, url_prefix):
global _public_project_ids
app.register_api_blueprint(blueprint, url_prefix=url_prefix)
cached = app.cache.cached(timeout=3600)
_public_project_ids = cached(_public_project_ids)

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