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from bson import ObjectId
from flask import current_app
from application import algolia_index_users
from application import algolia_index_nodes
from application.modules.file_storage import generate_link
def algolia_index_user_save(user):
# Define accepted roles
accepted_roles = ['admin', 'subscriber', 'demo']
# Strip unneeded roles
if 'roles' in user:
roles = [r for r in user['roles'] if r in accepted_roles]
roles = None
if algolia_index_users:
# Create or update Algolia index for the user
'objectID': user['_id'],
'full_name': user['full_name'],
'username': user['username'],
'roles': roles,
'groups': user['groups'],
'email': user['email']
def algolia_index_node_save(node):
accepted_node_types = ['asset', 'texture', 'group']
if node['node_type'] in accepted_node_types and algolia_index_nodes:
# If a nodes does not have status published, do not index
if 'status' in node['properties'] \
and node['properties']['status'] != 'published':
projects_collection =['projects']
project = projects_collection.find_one({'_id': ObjectId(node['project'])})
users_collection =['users']
user = users_collection.find_one({'_id': ObjectId(node['user'])})
node_ob = {
'objectID': node['_id'],
'name': node['name'],
'project': {
'_id': project['_id'],
'name': project['name']
'created': node['_created'],
'updated': node['_updated'],
'node_type': node['node_type'],
'user': {
'_id': user['_id'],
'full_name': user['full_name']
if 'description' in node and node['description']:
node_ob['description'] = node['description']
if 'picture' in node and node['picture']:
files_collection =['files']
lookup = {'_id': ObjectId(node['picture'])}
picture = files_collection.find_one(lookup)
if picture['backend'] == 'gcs':
variation_t = next((item for item in picture['variations'] \
if item['size'] == 't'), None)
if variation_t:
node_ob['picture'] = generate_link(picture['backend'],
variation_t['file_path'], project_id=str(picture['project']),
# If the node has world permissions, compute the Free permission
if 'permissions' in node and 'world' in node['permissions']:
if 'GET' in node['permissions']['world']:
node_ob['is_free'] = True
# Append the media key if the node is of node_type 'asset'
if node['node_type'] == 'asset':
node_ob['media'] = node['properties']['content_type']
# Add tags
if 'tags' in node['properties']:
node_ob['tags'] = node['properties']['tags']

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