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"""Shot management."""
import collections
import logging
import attr
import flask
import flask_login
from eve.methods.put import put_internal
from werkzeug import exceptions as wz_exceptions
import pillarsdk
import pillar.api.utils
from pillar.web.system_util import pillar_api
from pillar.api.nodes.custom import register_patch_handler
from pillar import attrs_extra
from attract.node_types import node_type_shot, node_type_task
# From patch operation name to fields that operation may edit.
u'from-blender': {
u'from-web': {
log = logging.getLogger(__name__)
class ProjectSummary(object):
"""Summary of the shots in a project."""
def __init__(self):
self._counts = collections.defaultdict(int)
self._total = 0
def count(self, status):
self._counts[status] += 1
self._total += 1
def percentages(self):
"""Generator, yields (status, percentage) tuples.
The percentage is on a 0-100 scale.
remaining = 100
last_index = len(self._counts) - 1
for idx, status in enumerate(sorted(self._counts.keys())):
if idx == last_index:
yield (status, remaining)
perc = float(self._counts[status]) / self._total
whole_perc = int(round(perc * 100))
remaining -= whole_perc
yield (status, whole_perc)
class ShotManager(object):
_log = attrs_extra.log('%s.ShotManager' % __name__)
def create_shot(self, project):
"""Creates a new shot, owned by the current user.
:rtype: pillarsdk.Node
project_id = project['_id']'Creating shot for project %s', project_id)
api = pillar_api()
node_type = project.get_node_type(node_type_shot['name'])
if not node_type:
raise ValueError('Project %s not set up for Attract' % project_id)
node_props = dict(
name='New shot',
'status': node_type['dyn_schema']['status']['default'],
shot = pillarsdk.Node(node_props)
return shot
def tasks_for_shots(self, shots, known_task_types):
"""Returns a dict of tasks for each shot.
:param shots: list of shot nodes.
:param known_task_types: Collection of task type names. Any task with a
type not in this list will map the None key.
:returns: a dict {shot id: tasks}, where tasks is a dict in which the keys are the
task types, and the values are sets of tasks of that type.
:rtype: dict
api = pillar_api()
id_to_shot = {}
shot_id_to_tasks = {}
for shot in shots:
shot_id = shot['_id']
id_to_shot[shot_id] = shot
shot_id_to_tasks[shot_id] = collections.defaultdict(set)
found = pillarsdk.Node.all({
'where': {
'node_type': node_type_task['name'],
'parent': {'$in': list(id_to_shot.keys())},
}, api=api)
known = set(known_task_types) # for fast lookups
# Now put the tasks into the right spot.
for task in found['_items']:
task_type =
if task_type not in known:
task_type = None
return shot_id_to_tasks
def edit_shot(self, shot_id, **fields):
"""Edits a shot.
:type shot_id: str
:type fields: dict
:rtype: pillarsdk.Node
api = pillar_api()
shot = pillarsdk.Node({'_id': shot_id})
patch = {
'op': 'from-web',
'$set': {
'description': fields.pop('description', '').strip() or None,
'properties.notes': (fields.pop('notes', '') or '').strip() or None,
'properties.status': fields.pop('status'),
# shot._etag = fields.pop('_etag')'Saving shot %s', shot.to_dict())
if fields:
self._log.warning('edit_shot(%r, ...) called with unknown fields %r; ignoring them.',
shot_id, fields)
shot.patch(patch, api=api)
def shot_status_summary(self, project_id):
"""Returns number of shots per shot status for the given project.
:rtype: ProjectSummary
api = pillar_api()
# TODO: turn this into an aggregation call to do the counting on MongoDB.
shots = pillarsdk.Node.all({
'where': {
'node_type': node_type_shot['name'],
'project': project_id,
'projection': {
'properties.status': 1,
'order': [
('properties.status', 1),
}, api=api)
# FIXME: this breaks when we hit the pagination limit.
summary = ProjectSummary()
for shot in shots['_items']:
return summary
def node_setattr(node, key, value):
"""Sets a node property by dotted key.
Modifies the node in-place. Deletes None values.
set_on = node
while key and '.' in key:
head, key = key.split('.', 1)
set_on = set_on[head]
if value is None:
set_on.pop(key, None)
set_on[key] = value
def patch_shot(node_id, patch):
# Find the full node, so we can PUT it through Eve for validation.
nodes_coll =['nodes']
node_query = {'_id': node_id,
'node_type': node_type_shot['name']}
node = nodes_coll.find_one(node_query)
if node is None:
log.warning('How can node %s not be found?', node_id)
raise wz_exceptions.NotFound('Node %s not found' % node_id)
# Set the fields'Patching node %s: %s', node_id, patch)
for key, value in patch['$set'].items():
node_setattr(node, key, value)
node = pillar.api.utils.remove_private_keys(node)
r, _, _, status = put_internal('nodes', node, _id=node_id)
return pillar.api.utils.jsonify(r, status=status)
def assert_is_valid_patch(patch):
"""Raises an exception when the patch isn't valid."""
op = patch['op']
except KeyError:
raise wz_exceptions.BadRequest("PATCH should have a key 'op' indicating the operation.")
allowed_fields = VALID_PATCH_OPERATIONS[op]
except KeyError:
valid_ops = u', '.join(VALID_PATCH_OPERATIONS.keys())
raise wz_exceptions.BadRequest(u'Operation should be one of %s' % valid_ops)
fields = set(patch['$set'].keys())
except KeyError:
raise wz_exceptions.BadRequest("PATCH should have a key '$set' "
"indicating the fields to set.")
disallowed_fields = fields - allowed_fields
if disallowed_fields:
raise wz_exceptions.BadRequest(u"Operation '%s' does not allow you to set fields %s" % (
op, disallowed_fields
def setup_app(app):
from . import eve_hooks

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