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import logging
from bson import ObjectId
from pillar import current_app
from pillar.api.file_storage import generate_link
from import elastic_indexing
from import algolia_indexing
log = logging.getLogger(__name__)
INDEX_ALLOWED_NODE_TYPES = {'asset', 'texture', 'group', 'hdri'}
'algolia': algolia_indexing,
'elastic': elastic_indexing
def _get_node_from_id(node_id: str):
node_oid = ObjectId(node_id)
nodes_coll = current_app.db('nodes')
node = nodes_coll.find_one({'_id': node_oid})
return node
def _handle_picture(node: dict, to_index: dict):
"""Add picture URL in-place to the to-be-indexed node."""
picture_id = node.get('picture')
if not picture_id:
files_collection =['files']
lookup = {'_id': ObjectId(picture_id)}
picture = files_collection.find_one(lookup)
for item in picture.get('variations', []):
if item['size'] != 't':
# Not all files have a project...
pid = picture.get('project')
if pid:
link = generate_link(picture['backend'],
link = item['link']
to_index['picture'] = link
def prepare_node_data(node_id: str, node: dict=None) -> dict:
"""Given a node id or a node document, return an indexable version of it.
Returns an empty dict when the node shouldn't be indexed.
if node_id and node:
raise ValueError("Do not provide node and node_id together")
if node_id:
node = _get_node_from_id(node_id)
if node is None:
log.warning('Unable to find node %s, not updating.', node_id)
return {}
if node['node_type'] not in INDEX_ALLOWED_NODE_TYPES:
log.debug('Node of type %s is not indexable by Pillar', node['node_type'])
return {}
# If a nodes does not have status published, do not index
if node['properties'].get('status') != 'published':
log.debug('Node %s is does not have published status', node_id)
return {}
projects_collection =['projects']
project = projects_collection.find_one({'_id': ObjectId(node['project'])})
users_collection =['users']
user = users_collection.find_one({'_id': ObjectId(node['user'])})
to_index = {
'objectID': node['_id'],
'name': node['name'],
'project': {
'_id': project['_id'],
'name': project['name']
'created': node['_created'],
'updated': node['_updated'],
'node_type': node['node_type'],
'user': {
'_id': user['_id'],
'full_name': user['full_name']
'description': node.get('description'),
_handle_picture(node, to_index)
# If the node has world permissions, compute the Free permission
if 'world' in node.get('permissions', {}):
if 'GET' in node['permissions']['world']:
to_index['is_free'] = True
# Append the media key if the node is of node_type 'asset'
if node['node_type'] == 'asset':
to_index['media'] = node['properties']['content_type']
# Add extra properties
for prop in ('tags', 'license_notes'):
if prop in node['properties']:
to_index[prop] = node['properties'][prop]
return to_index
def prepare_user_data(user_id: str, user=None) -> dict:
Prepare data to index for user node.
Returns an empty dict if the user should not be indexed.
if not user:
user_oid = ObjectId(user_id)'Retrieving user %s', user_oid)
users_coll = current_app.db('users')
user = users_coll.find_one({'_id': user_oid})
if user is None:
log.warning('Unable to find user %s, not updating search index.', user_id)
return {}
user_roles = set(user.get('roles', ()))
if 'service' in user_roles:
return {}
# Strip unneeded roles
index_roles = user_roles.intersection(current_app.user_roles_indexable)
log.debug('Push user %r to Search index', user['_id'])
user_to_index = {
'objectID': user['_id'],
'full_name': user['full_name'],
'username': user['username'],
'roles': list(index_roles),
'groups': user['groups'],
'email': user['email']
return user_to_index
def updated_user(user_id: str):
"""Push an update to the index when a user item is updated"""
user_to_index = prepare_user_data(user_id)
for searchoption in current_app.config['SEARCH_BACKENDS']:
searchmodule = SEARCH_BACKENDS[searchoption]
def node_save(node_id: str):
to_index = prepare_node_data(node_id)
if not to_index:
log.debug('Node %s will not be indexed', node_id)
for searchoption in current_app.config['SEARCH_BACKENDS']:
searchmodule = SEARCH_BACKENDS[searchoption]
def node_delete(node_id: str):
# Deleting a node takes nothing more than the ID anyway.
# No need to fetch anything from Mongo.
delete_id = ObjectId(node_id)
for searchoption in current_app.config['SEARCH_BACKENDS']:
searchmodule = SEARCH_BACKENDS[searchoption]

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