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import logging
from bson import ObjectId
from flask import current_app
from werkzeug import exceptions as wz_exceptions
from werkzeug.exceptions import abort
log = logging.getLogger(__name__)
def project_total_file_size(project_id):
"""Returns the total number of bytes used by files of this project."""
files =['files']
file_size_used = files.aggregate([
{'$match': {'project': ObjectId(project_id)}},
{'$project': {'length_aggregate_in_bytes': 1}},
{'$group': {'_id': None,
'all_files': {'$sum': '$length_aggregate_in_bytes'}}}
# The aggregate function returns a cursor, not a document.
return next(file_size_used)['all_files']
except StopIteration:
# No files used at all.
return 0
def get_admin_group(project):
"""Returns the admin group for the project."""
groups_collection =['groups']
# TODO: search through all groups to find the one with the project ID as its name.
admin_group_id = ObjectId(project['permissions']['groups'][0]['group'])
group = groups_collection.find_one({'_id': admin_group_id})
if group is None:
raise ValueError('Unable to handle project without admin group.')
if group['name'] != str(project['_id']):
return abort_with_error(403)
return group
def abort_with_error(status):
"""Aborts with the given status, or 500 if the status doesn't indicate an error.
If the status is < 400, status 500 is used instead.
abort(status if status // 100 >= 4 else 500)
raise wz_exceptions.InternalServerError('abort() should have aborted!')
def create_new_project(project_name, user_id, overrides):
"""Creates a new project owned by the given user."""'Creating new project "%s" for user %s', project_name, user_id)
# Create the project itself, the rest will be done by the after-insert hook.
project = {'description': '',
'name': project_name,
'node_types': [],
'status': 'published',
'user': user_id,
'is_private': True,
'permissions': {},
'url': '',
'summary': '',
'category': 'assets', # TODO: allow the user to choose this.
if overrides is not None:
result, _, _, status = current_app.post_internal('projects', project)
if status != 201:
log.error('Unable to create project "%s": %s', project_name, result)
return abort_with_error(status)
# Now re-fetch the project, as both the initial document and the returned
# result do not contain the same etag as the database. This also updates
# other fields set by hooks.
document =['projects'].find_one(project['_id'])
project.update(document)'Created project %s for user %s', project['_id'], user_id)
return project
def get_node_type(project, node_type_name):
"""Returns the named node type, or None if it doesn't exist."""
return next((nt for nt in project['node_types']
if nt['name'] == node_type_name), None)

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