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_file_embedded_schema = {
'type': 'objectid',
'data_relation': {
'resource': 'files',
'field': '_id',
'embeddable': True
_attachments_embedded_schema = {
'type': 'dict',
# TODO: will be renamed to 'keyschema' in Cerberus 1.0
'propertyschema': {
'type': 'string',
'regex': '^%s$' % ATTACHMENT_SLUG_REGEX,
'valueschema': {
'type': 'dict',
'schema': {
'oid': {
'type': 'objectid',
'required': True,
'collection': {
'type': 'string',
'allowed': ['files'],
'default': 'files',
# Import after defining the common embedded schemas, to prevent dependency cycles.
from pillar.api.node_types.asset import node_type_asset
from import node_type_blog
from pillar.api.node_types.comment import node_type_comment
from import node_type_group
from pillar.api.node_types.group_hdri import node_type_group_hdri
from pillar.api.node_types.group_texture import node_type_group_texture
from pillar.api.node_types.hdri import node_type_hdri
from import node_type_page
from import node_type_post
from import node_type_storage
from pillar.api.node_types.text import node_type_text
from pillar.api.node_types.texture import node_type_texture
PILLAR_NODE_TYPES = (node_type_asset, node_type_blog, node_type_comment, node_type_group,
node_type_group_hdri, node_type_group_texture, node_type_hdri, node_type_page,
node_type_post, node_type_storage, node_type_text, node_type_texture)
PILLAR_NAMED_NODE_TYPES = {nt['name']: nt for nt in PILLAR_NODE_TYPES}

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