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from flask_login import current_user
from flask_wtf import Form
from pillar.web import system_util
from pillarsdk.users import User
from wtforms import BooleanField
from wtforms import PasswordField
from wtforms import RadioField
from wtforms import SelectMultipleField
from wtforms import StringField
from wtforms.validators import DataRequired
from wtforms.validators import Length
from wtforms.validators import Regexp
class UserLoginForm(Form):
username = StringField('Username', validators=[DataRequired()])
password = PasswordField('Password', validators=[DataRequired()])
remember_me = BooleanField('Remember Me')
def __init__(self, csrf_enabled=False, *args, **kwargs):
super(UserLoginForm, self).__init__(csrf_enabled=False, *args, **kwargs)
class UserProfileForm(Form):
full_name = StringField('Full Name', validators=[DataRequired(), Length(
min=3, max=128, message="Min. 3 and max. 128 chars please")])
username = StringField('Username', validators=[DataRequired(), Length(
min=3, max=128, message="Min. 3, max. 128 chars please"), Regexp(
r'^[\w.@+-]+$', message="Please do not use spaces")])
def __init__(self, csrf_enabled=False, *args, **kwargs):
super(UserProfileForm, self).__init__(csrf_enabled=False, *args, **kwargs)
def validate(self):
rv = Form.validate(self)
if not rv:
return False
api = system_util.pillar_api()
user = User.find(current_user.objectid, api=api)
if user.username !=
username = User.find_first(
{'where': '{"username": "%s"}' %},
if username:
self.username.errors.append('Sorry, username already exists!')
return False
self.user = user
return True
class UserSettingsEmailsForm(Form):
choices = [
(1, 'Keep me updated with Blender Cloud news.'),
(0, 'Do not mail me news update.')]
email_communications = RadioField(
'Notifications', choices=choices, coerce=int)
class UserEditForm(Form):
role_choices = [('admin', 'admin'),
('subscriber', 'subscriber'),
('demo', 'demo')]
roles = SelectMultipleField('Roles', choices=role_choices)

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