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import logging
import typing
import pathlib
from flask import current_app
from pillar.api.utils.imaging import generate_local_thumbnails
__all__ = ['LocalBucket', 'LocalBlob']
from .abstract import Bucket, Blob, FileType, Path
class LocalBucket(Bucket):
backend_name = 'local'
def __init__(self, name: str) -> None:
self._log = logging.getLogger(f'{__name__}.LocalBucket')
# For local storage, the name is actually a partial path, relative
# to the local storage root.
self.root = pathlib.Path(current_app.config['STORAGE_DIR'])
self.bucket_path = pathlib.PurePosixPath(name[:2]) / name
self.abspath = self.root / self.bucket_path
def blob(self, blob_name: str) -> 'LocalBlob':
return LocalBlob(name=blob_name, bucket=self)
def get_blob(self, blob_name: str) -> typing.Optional['LocalBlob']:
# TODO: Check if file exists, otherwise None
return self.blob(blob_name)
def copy_blob(self, blob: Blob, to_bucket: Bucket):
"""Copies a blob from the current bucket to the other bucket.
Implementations only need to support copying between buckets of the
same storage backend.
assert isinstance(blob, LocalBlob)
assert isinstance(to_bucket, LocalBucket)'Copying %s to bucket %s', blob, to_bucket)
dest_blob = to_bucket.blob(
# TODO: implement content type handling for local storage.
self._log.warning('Unable to set correct file content type for %s', dest_blob)
with open(blob.abspath(), 'rb') as src_file:
dest_blob.create_from_file(src_file, content_type='application/x-octet-stream')
class LocalBlob(Blob):
"""Blob representing a local file on the filesystem."""
bucket: LocalBucket
def __init__(self, name: str, bucket: LocalBucket) -> None:
super().__init__(name, bucket)
self._log = logging.getLogger(f'{__name__}.LocalBlob')
self.partial_path = Path(name[:2]) / name
def abspath(self) -> pathlib.Path:
"""Returns a concrete, absolute path to the local file."""
return pathlib.Path(self.bucket.abspath / self.partial_path)
def get_url(self, *, is_public: bool) -> str:
from flask import url_for
path = self.bucket.bucket_path / self.partial_path
url = url_for('file_storage.index', file_name=str(path), _external=True,
return url
def create_from_file(self, file_obj: FileType, *,
content_type: str,
file_size: int = -1):
assert hasattr(file_obj, 'read')
import shutil
# Ensure path exists before saving
my_path = self.abspath()
my_path.parent.mkdir(exist_ok=True, parents=True)
with'wb') as outfile:
shutil.copyfileobj(typing.cast(typing.IO, file_obj), outfile)
self._size_in_bytes = file_size
def update_filename(self, filename: str):
# TODO: implement this for local storage.'update_filename(%r) not supported', filename)
def make_public(self):
# No-op on this storage backend.
def exists(self) -> bool:
return self.abspath().exists()

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