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"""Code for moving around nodes."""
import attr
import flask_pymongo.wrappers
from bson import ObjectId
from pillar import attrs_extra
import pillar.api.file_storage.moving
class NodeMover(object):
db = attr.ib(validator=attr.validators.instance_of(flask_pymongo.wrappers.Database))
skip_gcs = attr.ib(default=False, validator=attr.validators.instance_of(bool))
_log = attrs_extra.log('%s.NodeMover' % __name__)
def change_project(self, node, dest_proj):
"""Moves a node and children to a new project."""
assert isinstance(node, dict)
assert isinstance(dest_proj, dict)
for move_node in self._children(node):
self._change_project(move_node, dest_proj)
def _change_project(self, node, dest_proj):
"""Changes the project of a single node, non-recursively."""
node_id = node['_id']
proj_id = dest_proj['_id']'Moving node %s to project %s', node_id, proj_id)
# Find all files in the node.
moved_files = set()
self._move_files(moved_files, dest_proj, self._files(node.get('picture', None)))
self._move_files(moved_files, dest_proj, self._files(node['properties'], 'file'))
self._move_files(moved_files, dest_proj, self._files(node['properties'], 'files', 'file'))
self._move_files(moved_files, dest_proj,
self._files(node['properties'], 'attachments', 'files', 'file'))
# Switch the node's project after its files have been moved.'Switching node %s to project %s', node_id, proj_id)
nodes_coll = self.db['nodes']
update_result = nodes_coll.update_one({'_id': node_id},
{'$set': {'project': proj_id}})
if update_result.matched_count != 1:
raise RuntimeError(
'Unable to update node %s in MongoDB: matched_count=%i; modified_count=%i' % (
node_id, update_result.matched_count, update_result.modified_count))
def _move_files(self, moved_files, dest_proj, file_generator):
"""Tries to find all files from the given properties."""
for file_id in file_generator:
if file_id in moved_files:
self.move_file(dest_proj, file_id)
def move_file(self, dest_proj, file_id):
"""Moves a single file to another project"""'Moving file %s to project %s', file_id, dest_proj['_id'])
pillar.api.file_storage.moving.gcs_move_to_bucket(file_id, dest_proj['_id'],
def _files(self, file_ref, *properties):
"""Yields file ObjectIDs."""
# Degenerate cases.
if not file_ref:
# Single ObjectID
if isinstance(file_ref, ObjectId):
assert not properties
yield file_ref
# List of ObjectIDs
if isinstance(file_ref, list):
for item in file_ref:
for subitem in self._files(item, *properties):
yield subitem
# Dict, use properties[0] as key
if isinstance(file_ref, dict):
subref = file_ref[properties[0]]
except KeyError:
# Silently skip non-existing keys.
for subitem in self._files(subref, *properties[1:]):
yield subitem
raise TypeError('File ref is of type %s, not implemented' % type(file_ref))
def _children(self, node):
"""Generator, recursively yields the node and its children."""
yield node
nodes_coll = self.db['nodes']
for child in nodes_coll.find({'parent': node['_id']}):
# "yield from self.children(child)" was introduced in Python 3.3
for grandchild in self._children(child):
yield grandchild

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