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import logging
import re
from bson import ObjectId
import flask
import pillarsdk
import wtforms
from pillar.api.node_types import ATTACHMENT_SLUG_REGEX
from pillar.web.utils import system_util
from pillar.web.utils.forms import build_file_select_form, CustomFormField
shortcode_re = re.compile(r'@\[(%s)\]' % ATTACHMENT_SLUG_REGEX)
log = logging.getLogger(__name__)
def render_attachments(node, field_value):
"""Renders attachments referenced in the field value.
Returns the rendered field.
# TODO: cache this based on the node's etag and attachment links expiry.
node_attachments = or {}
if isinstance(node_attachments, list):
log.warning('Old-style attachments property found on node %s. Ignoring them, '
'will result in attachments not being found.', node[u'_id'])
return field_value
if not node_attachments:
return field_value
def replace(match):
slug =
att = node_attachments[slug]
except KeyError:
return u'[attachment "%s" not found]' % slug
return render_attachment(att)
return shortcode_re.sub(replace, field_value)
def render_attachment(attachment):
"""Renders an attachment as HTML"""
oid = ObjectId(attachment[u'oid'])
collection = attachment.collection or u'files'
renderers = {
'files': render_attachment_file
renderer = renderers[collection]
except KeyError:
log.error(u'Unable to render attachment from collection %s', collection)
return u'Unable to render attachment'
return renderer(oid)
def render_attachment_file(oid):
"""Renders a file attachment."""
api = system_util.pillar_api()
sdk_file = pillarsdk.File.find(oid, api=api)
file_renderers = {
'image': render_attachment_file_image
mime_type_cat, _ = sdk_file.content_type.split('/', 1)
renderer = file_renderers[mime_type_cat]
except KeyError:
return flask.render_template('nodes/attachments/file_generic.html', file=sdk_file)
return renderer(sdk_file)
def render_attachment_file_image(sdk_file):
"""Renders an image file."""
variations = {var.size: var for var in sdk_file.variations}
return flask.render_template('nodes/attachments/file_image.html',
file=sdk_file, vars=variations)
def attachment_form_group_create(schema_prop):
"""Creates a wtforms.FieldList for attachments."""
file_select_form_group = _attachment_build_single_field(schema_prop)
field = wtforms.FieldList(CustomFormField(file_select_form_group), min_entries=1)
return field
def _attachment_build_single_field(schema_prop):
# Ugly hard-coded schema.
fake_schema = {
'slug': schema_prop['propertyschema'],
'oid': schema_prop['valueschema']['schema']['oid'],
file_select_form_group = build_file_select_form(fake_schema)
return file_select_form_group
def attachment_form_group_set_data(db_prop_value, schema_prop, field_list):
"""Populates the attachment form group with data from MongoDB."""
assert isinstance(db_prop_value, dict)
# Extra entries are caused by min_entries=1 in the form creation.
while len(field_list):
for slug, att_data in sorted(db_prop_value.iteritems()):
file_select_form_group = _attachment_build_single_field(schema_prop)
subform = file_select_form_group()
# Even uglier hard-coded
subform.slug = slug
subform.oid = att_data['oid']
def attachment_form_parse_post_data(data):
"""Returns a dict that can be stored in the"""
attachments = {}
# 'allprops' contains all properties, including the slug (which should be a key).
for allprops in data:
oid = allprops['oid']
slug = allprops['slug']
if not allprops['slug'] and not oid:
if slug in attachments:
raise ValueError('Slug "%s" is used more than once' % slug)
attachments[slug] = {'oid': oid}
return attachments

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