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import copy
import hashlib
import json
import urllib
import datetime
import functools
import logging
import bson.objectid
from eve import RFC1123_DATE_FORMAT
from flask import current_app
from werkzeug import exceptions as wz_exceptions
import pymongo.results
log = logging.getLogger(__name__)
def node_setattr(node, key, value):
"""Sets a node property by dotted key.
Modifies the node in-place. Deletes None values.
:type node: dict
:type key: str
:param value: the value to set, or None to delete the key.
set_on = node
while key and '.' in key:
head, key = key.split('.', 1)
set_on = set_on[head]
if value is None:
set_on.pop(key, None)
set_on[key] = value
def remove_private_keys(document):
"""Removes any key that starts with an underscore, returns result as new
doc_copy = copy.deepcopy(document)
for key in list(doc_copy.keys()):
if key.startswith('_'):
del doc_copy[key]
del doc_copy['allowed_methods']
except KeyError:
return doc_copy
class PillarJSONEncoder(json.JSONEncoder):
"""JSON encoder with support for Pillar resources."""
def default(self, obj):
if isinstance(obj, datetime.datetime):
return obj.strftime(RFC1123_DATE_FORMAT)
if isinstance(obj, bson.ObjectId):
return str(obj)
if isinstance(obj, pymongo.results.UpdateResult):
return obj.raw_result
# Let the base class default method raise the TypeError
return json.JSONEncoder.default(self, obj)
def dumps(mongo_doc, **kwargs):
"""json.dumps() for MongoDB documents."""
return json.dumps(mongo_doc, cls=PillarJSONEncoder, **kwargs)
def jsonify(mongo_doc, status=200, headers=None):
"""JSonifies a Mongo document into a Flask response object."""
return current_app.response_class(dumps(mongo_doc),
def bsonify(mongo_doc, status=200, headers=None):
"""BSonifies a Mongo document into a Flask response object."""
import bson
data = bson.BSON.encode(mongo_doc)
return current_app.response_class(data,
def skip_when_testing(func):
"""Decorator, skips the decorated function when app.config['TESTING']"""
def wrapper(*args, **kwargs):
if current_app.config['TESTING']:
log.debug('Skipping call to %s(...) due to TESTING', func.func_name)
return None
return func(*args, **kwargs)
return wrapper
def project_get_node_type(project_document, node_type_node_name):
"""Return a node_type subdocument for a project. If none is found, return
if project_document is None:
return None
return next((node_type for node_type in project_document['node_types']
if node_type['name'] == node_type_node_name), None)
def str2id(document_id):
"""Returns the document ID as ObjectID, or raises a BadRequest exception.
:type document_id: str
:rtype: bson.ObjectId
:raises: wz_exceptions.BadRequest
if not document_id:
log.debug('str2id(%r): Invalid Object ID', document_id)
raise wz_exceptions.BadRequest('Invalid object ID %r' % document_id)
return bson.ObjectId(document_id)
except bson.objectid.InvalidId:
log.debug('str2id(%r): Invalid Object ID', document_id)
raise wz_exceptions.BadRequest('Invalid object ID %r' % document_id)
def gravatar(email, size=64):
parameters = {'s': str(size), 'd': 'mm'}
return "" + \
hashlib.md5(str(email)).hexdigest() + \
"?" + urllib.urlencode(parameters)
class MetaFalsey(type):
def __nonzero__(cls):
return False
__bool__ = __nonzero__ # for Python 3
class DoesNotExist(object):
"""Returned as value by doc_diff if a value does not exist."""
__metaclass__ = MetaFalsey
def doc_diff(doc1, doc2, falsey_is_equal=True):
"""Generator, yields differences between documents.
Yields changes as (key, value in doc1, value in doc2) tuples, where
the value can also be the DoesNotExist class. Does not report changed
private keys (i.e. starting with underscores).
Sub-documents (i.e. dicts) are recursed, and dot notation is used
for the keys if changes are found.
If falsey_is_equal=True, all Falsey values compare as equal, i.e. this
function won't report differences between DoesNotExist, False, '', and 0.
for key in set(doc1.keys()).union(set(doc2.keys())):
if isinstance(key, basestring) and key[0] == u'_':
val1 = doc1.get(key, DoesNotExist)
val2 = doc2.get(key, DoesNotExist)
# Only recurse if both values are dicts
if isinstance(val1, dict) and isinstance(val2, dict):
for subkey, subval1, subval2 in doc_diff(val1, val2):
yield '%s.%s' % (key, subkey), subval1, subval2
if val1 == val2:
if falsey_is_equal and bool(val1) == bool(val2) == False:
yield key, val1, val2

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