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"""Deferred email support.
Note that this module can only be imported when an application context is
active. Best to late-import this in the functions where it's needed.
from email.message import EmailMessage
from email.headerregistry import Address
import logging
import smtplib
import celery
from pillar import current_app
log = logging.getLogger(__name__)
@current_app.celery.task(bind=True, ignore_result=True, acks_late=True)
def send_email(self: celery.Task, to_name: str, to_addr: str, subject: str, text: str, html: str):
"""Send an email to a single address."""
# WARNING: when changing the signature of this function, also change the
# self.retry() call below.
cfg = current_app.config
# Construct the message
msg = EmailMessage()
msg['Subject'] = subject
msg['From'] = Address(cfg['MAIL_DEFAULT_FROM_NAME'], addr_spec=cfg['MAIL_DEFAULT_FROM_ADDR'])
msg['To'] = (Address(to_name, addr_spec=to_addr),)
msg.add_alternative(html, subtype='html')
# Refuse to send mail when we're testing.
if cfg['TESTING']:
log.warning('not sending mail to %s <%s> because we are TESTING', to_name, to_addr)
return'sending email to %s <%s>', to_name, to_addr)
# Send the message via local SMTP server.
with smtplib.SMTP(cfg['SMTP_HOST'], cfg['SMTP_PORT'], timeout=cfg['SMTP_TIMEOUT']) as smtp:
except (IOError, OSError) as ex:
log.exception('error sending email to %s <%s>, will retry later: %s',
to_name, to_addr, ex)
self.retry((to_name, to_addr, subject, text, html), countdown=cfg['MAIL_RETRY'])
else:'mail to %s <%s> successfully sent', to_name, to_addr)

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