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def import_data(path):
import json
import pprint
from bson import json_util
if not os.path.isfile(path):
return "File does not exist"
with open(path, 'r') as infile:
d = json.load(infile)
def commit_object(collection, f, parent=None):
variation_id = f.get('variation_id')
if variation_id:
del f['variation_id']
asset_id = f.get('asset_id')
if asset_id:
del f['asset_id']
node_id = f.get('node_id')
if node_id:
del f['node_id']
if parent:
f['parent'] = parent
if f.get('parent'):
del f['parent']
#r = [{'_status': 'OK', '_id': 'DRY-ID'}]
r = post_item(collection, f)
if r[0]['_status'] == 'ERR':
print r[0]['_issues']
print "Tried to commit the following object"
# Assign the Mongo ObjectID
f['_id'] = str(r[0]['_id'])
# Restore variation_id
if variation_id:
f['variation_id'] = variation_id
if asset_id:
f['asset_id'] = asset_id
if node_id:
f['node_id'] = node_id
print "{0} {1}".format(f['_id'], f['name'])
except UnicodeEncodeError:
print "{0}".format(f['_id'])
return f
# Build list of parent files
parent_files = [f for f in d['files'] if 'parent_asset_id' in f]
children_files = [f for f in d['files'] if 'parent_asset_id' not in f]
for p in parent_files:
# Store temp property
parent_asset_id = p['parent_asset_id']
# Remove from dict to prevent invalid submission
del p['parent_asset_id']
# Commit to database
p = commit_object('files', p)
# Restore temp property
p['parent_asset_id'] = parent_asset_id
# Find children of the current file
children = [c for c in children_files if c['parent'] == p['variation_id']]
for c in children:
# Commit to database with parent id
c = commit_object('files', c, p['_id'])
# Merge the dicts and replace the original one
d['files'] = parent_files + children_files
# Files for picture previews of folders (groups)
for f in d['files_group']:
item_id = f['item_id']
del f['item_id']
f = commit_object('files', f)
f['item_id'] = item_id
# Files for picture previews of assets
for f in d['files_asset']:
item_id = f['item_id']
del f['item_id']
f = commit_object('files',f)
f['item_id'] = item_id
nodes_asset = [n for n in d['nodes'] if 'asset_id' in n]
nodes_group = [n for n in d['nodes'] if 'node_id' in n]
def get_parent(node_id):
#print "Searching for {0}".format(node_id)
parent = [p for p in nodes_group if p['node_id'] == node_id][0]
except IndexError:
return None
return parent
def traverse_nodes(parent_id):
parents_list = []
while True:
parent = get_parent(parent_id)
#print parent
if not parent:
if parent.get('parent'):
parent_id = parent['parent']
return parents_list
for n in nodes_asset:
node_type_asset = db.node_types.find_one({"name": "asset"})
if n.get('picture'):
filename = os.path.splitext(n['picture'])[0]
pictures = [p for p in d['files_asset'] if p['name'] == filename]
if pictures:
n['picture'] = pictures[0]['_id']
print "Adding picture link {0}".format(n['picture'])
n['node_type'] = node_type_asset['_id']
# An asset node must have a parent
# parent = [p for p in nodes_group if p['node_id'] == n['parent']][0]
parents_list = traverse_nodes(n['parent'])
tree_index = 0
for node_id in parents_list:
node = [p for p in nodes_group if p['node_id'] == node_id][0]
if node.get('_id') is None:
node_type_group = db.node_types.find_one({"name": "group"})
node['node_type'] = node_type_group['_id']
# Assign picture to the node group
if node.get('picture'):
filename = os.path.splitext(node['picture'])[0]
picture = [p for p in d['files_group'] if p['name'] == filename][0]
node['picture'] = picture['_id']
print "Adding picture link to node {0}".format(node['picture'])
if tree_index == 0:
# We are at the root of the tree (so we link to the project)
node_type_project = db.node_types.find_one({"name": "project"})
node['node_type'] = node_type_project['_id']
parent = None
if node['properties'].get('picture_square'):
filename = os.path.splitext(node['properties']['picture_square'])[0]
picture = [p for p in d['files_group'] if p['name'] == filename][0]
node['properties']['picture_square'] = picture['_id']
print "Adding picture_square link to node"
if node['properties'].get('picture_header'):
filename = os.path.splitext(node['properties']['picture_header'])[0]
picture = [p for p in d['files_group'] if p['name'] == filename][0]
node['properties']['picture_header'] = picture['_id']
print "Adding picture_header link to node"
# Get the parent node id
parents_list_node_id = parents_list[tree_index - 1]
parent_node = [p for p in nodes_group if p['node_id'] == parents_list_node_id][0]
parent = parent_node['_id']
print "About to commit Node"
commit_object('nodes', node, parent)
tree_index += 1
# Commit the asset
print "About to commit Asset {0}".format(n['asset_id'])
parent_node = [p for p in nodes_group if p['node_id'] == parents_list[-1]][0]
asset_file = [a for a in d['files'] if a['md5'] == n['properties']['file']][0]
n['properties']['file'] = str(asset_file['_id'])
commit_object('nodes', n, parent_node['_id'])
except IndexError:
# New path with _
path = '_' + path
with open(path, 'w') as outfile:
json.dump(d, outfile, default=json_util.default)

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