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import json
import logging
from bson import ObjectId
from flask import Blueprint, g, request, current_app, make_response, url_for
from pillar.api.utils import authorization, jsonify, str2id
from pillar.api.utils import mongo
from pillar.api.utils.authorization import require_login, check_permissions
from werkzeug import exceptions as wz_exceptions
from . import utils
log = logging.getLogger(__name__)
blueprint_api = Blueprint('projects_api', __name__)
@blueprint_api.route('/create', methods=['POST'])
@authorization.require_login(require_roles={'admin', 'subscriber', 'demo'})
def create_project(overrides=None):
"""Creates a new project."""
if request.mimetype == 'application/json':
project_name = request.json['name']
project_name = request.form['project_name']
user_id = g.current_user['user_id']
project = utils.create_new_project(project_name, user_id, overrides)
# Return the project in the response.
loc = url_for('projects|item_lookup', _id=project['_id'])
return jsonify(project, status=201, headers={'Location': loc})
@blueprint_api.route('/users', methods=['GET', 'POST'])
def project_manage_users():
"""Manage users of a project. In this initial implementation, we handle
addition and removal of a user to the admin group of a project.
No changes are done on the project itself.
projects_collection =['projects']
users_collection =['users']
# TODO: check if user is admin of the project before anything
if request.method == 'GET':
project_id = request.args['project_id']
project = projects_collection.find_one({'_id': ObjectId(project_id)})
admin_group_id = project['permissions']['groups'][0]['group']
users = users_collection.find(
{'groups': {'$in': [admin_group_id]}},
{'username': 1, 'email': 1, 'full_name': 1})
return jsonify({'_status': 'OK', '_items': list(users)})
# The request is not a form, since it comes from the API sdk
data = json.loads(
project_id = ObjectId(data['project_id'])
target_user_id = ObjectId(data['user_id'])
action = data['action']
current_user_id = g.current_user['user_id']
project = projects_collection.find_one({'_id': project_id})
# Check if the current_user is owner of the project, or removing themselves.
if not authorization.user_has_role('admin'):
remove_self = target_user_id == current_user_id and action == 'remove'
if project['user'] != current_user_id and not remove_self:
admin_group = utils.get_admin_group(project)
# Get the user and add the admin group to it
if action == 'add':
operation = '$addToSet''project_manage_users: Adding user %s to admin group of project %s',
target_user_id, project_id)
elif action == 'remove':'project_manage_users: Removing user %s from admin group of project %s',
target_user_id, project_id)
operation = '$pull'
log.warning('project_manage_users: Unsupported action %r called by user %s',
action, current_user_id)
raise wz_exceptions.UnprocessableEntity()
users_collection.update({'_id': target_user_id},
{operation: {'groups': admin_group['_id']}})
user = users_collection.find_one({'_id': target_user_id},
{'username': 1, 'email': 1,
'full_name': 1})
if not user:
return jsonify({'_status': 'ERROR'}), 404
user['_status'] = 'OK'
return jsonify(user)
def project_quotas(project_id):
"""Returns information about the project's limits."""
# Check that the user has GET permissions on the project itself.
project = mongo.find_one_or_404('projects', project_id)
check_permissions('projects', project, 'GET')
file_size_used = utils.project_total_file_size(project_id)
info = {
'file_size_quota': None, # TODO: implement this later.
'file_size_used': file_size_used,
return jsonify(info)
@blueprint_api.route('/<project_id>/<node_type>', methods=['OPTIONS', 'GET'])
def get_allowed_methods(project_id=None, node_type=None):
"""Returns allowed methods to create a node of a certain type.
Either project_id or parent_node_id must be given. If the latter is given,
the former is deducted from it.
project = mongo.find_one_or_404('projects', str2id(project_id))
proj_methods = authorization.compute_allowed_methods('projects', project, node_type)
resp = make_response()
resp.headers['Allowed'] = ', '.join(sorted(proj_methods))
resp.status_code = 204
return resp

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