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rafael nolasco (kakachiex2)
Sep 8 2015, 6:46 AM


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@Rafael Monteiro (rafael) nolasco (kakachiex2): It's so great to see this. Is this allowed to draw mesh's wireframe in edit mode? By the way, do you think the bskin modifier create a better topology than the old modifier? And is the current mesh resolution is enough or so dense?

I usually use one subdivision level not more i like to see how the topology change in the skin generation to drive the flow of quad polygons; About the new Bskin is more limited than the Nicholas implementation for know I know it development is in progress an there thing to improve, wen i have time i will make a better description of the two for you to improve and some trick i can do whit the Nicholas implementation the i can't do whit the new one.

Hope you can spend sometimes to make a description for me, from which I can improve the BSkin modifier.
I have two questions

  • After fiddling with your blender file, I see that you often add a supplementary vertex at character's knees or shoulders to make them bigger (bulge). Such dummy vertices often lie INSIDE the parent sphere, which, at the present time, the BSkin modifer still not handle well. So, why don't you rescale the sphere radius at knees or shoulders to make them bigger instead adding a supplementary my vertex?
  • Do you like the generated base mesh to fit to the cone-sphere skeleton like ZSphere from ZBrush? or it just need to meet basic requirement about intersection at branch and connection vertices, and then, you can rescale to your expected shape?

By the way, in addition to branch vertices, the BSkin modifier also handle intersection at connection vertices better. is it more useful?

Give me some time to elaborate the description i have to many work right know but let me answer your question

  • This supplementary vertex let add extra geometry with a small move from the branch and scaling i can add detail like the knees, shoulder, calf, even i have a trick to add hole or flat an area all this with the nicholas implementation. I f I only scale the branch i don't get those details it only bulge and don't look natural, another good feature is the ability to scale in the X AND Y axis y have extra control over those technique.
  • I don't know if I understand your last question let see do you meant to make them look like spheres and them generate the skin like zsphere, No I prefer like it is rich know on the fly its much better.

I really like how the Bskin handle intersection much better but check this blend file and Analyse it lot of trick maybe you can have some idea to take the Bskin to similar result like the skin Mod.