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Tyler (haikuty)
Mar 25 2019, 8:53 PM

Screen Shot 2019-03-25 at 12.53.24 PM.png

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the magic number in the .blend is BLENDER-v265

No problems on Linux with the daily 2.80 from 24 Mar.
I wonder if an unusual locale is involved.

Not intentionally. Was created in english and should still be in english. How do I check?

System locale screenshot attached.

I tried "Load Factory Settings…" in Blender File menu and then opened the test file again and problem is still there.

I hit "Cmd+N" (new file) while looking at the problem file with the problem display and the display reverted back to what it should be when the new file was created/displayed.

Note that I've tried to render this test file using the Blender Renderer and that doesn't seem to work in either version. So it's possible that some small bit of bitrot happened on the file (???) that 2.80 is sensitive to but 2.79 isn't except when trying to render it. I get a display like this on render failure (just hangs):

Note I tried disconnecting the eGPU and just using the internal GPU and display on this 15" MBP (Radeon Pro 460) and that didn't change anything (both opening the file in 2.80 still had font issues and trying to render it in 2.79 still failed).