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3D Cursor Auto-Visibility 2 .py

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Ibrahim (Iby)
Jul 21 2019, 3:12 PM

3D Cursor Auto-Visibility 2 .py

bl_info = {
"name": "3D Cursor Auto-Visibility",
"description": "Press'Back Slash' or 'C' key to Reveal and Set tool to 3D "
" Auto-hide 3D Cursor when you use a different tool."
"Cursor (Only when the 3D Cursor is already invisible "
"[Respects user who dont want to it Hidden or auto-hide])."
" Tap to toggle or Hold down/Release ';' to change the 3D "
"Cursor visibility and switch tools between 3D Cursor or "
"Previous tool." ,
"author": "Iby and Iceythe",
"version": (2, 0),
"blender": (2, 80, 0),
"location": "3D View",
"category": "3D View",
import bpy
from time import perf_counter
from bpy.props import StringProperty, BoolProperty
def current_tool(context):
tools =
return tools.from_space_view3d_mode(context.mode).idname
class VIEW3D_3d_cursor_autovisibility_operator(bpy.types.Operator):
bl_idname = "view3d.3dcursor_autovisibility"
bl_label = "3D Cursor Auto-Visibility"
bl_description = ("Reveal and Set tool to 3D Cursor. 3D Cursor Auto-hides "
"when you use a different tool")
def poll(cls, context):
return context.area.type == 'VIEW_3D'
def modal(self, context, event):
if current_tool(context) != 'builtin.cursor':
# Automatically Hide the 3D Cursor when you use a different tool
context.space_data.overlay.show_cursor = False
return {'CANCELLED'}
return {'PASS_THROUGH'}
def invoke(self, context, event):
overlay = context.space_data.overlay
# Reveal and Set tool to 3D Cursor (Only when the 3D Cursor is already
# invisible[Respects user who dont want to it Hidden or auto-hide])
if not overlay.show_cursor:
overlay.show_cursor = True
return {'FINISHED'}
wm = context.window_manager
return {'RUNNING_MODAL'}
class VIEW3D_Tap_or_Hold_3D_Cursor_Operator(bpy.types.Operator):
bl_idname = "wm.taporhold_3dcursor_visibility"
bl_label = "Tap or Hold for 3D Cursor Visibility"
bl_description = ("Tap shortcut to toggle or Hold Down/Release to control "
"3D Cursor visibility and previous tool")
bl_options = {'REGISTER', 'UNDO'}
# Poll to block the operator from repeated hotkey triggers
def poll(cls, context):
return (context.area.type == 'VIEW_3D' and
not getattr(cls, "running", False))
# Clean-up when done
def exit(self, context):
__class__.running = False
return {'FINISHED'}
# Restore the active tool and hide the cursor on key released
def restore(self, context, overlay):
prev_tool = getattr(__class__, "prev_tool", "builtin.cursor")
overlay.show_cursor = False
return self.exit(context)
def modal(self, context, event):
timeout = perf_counter() > self.timeout
overlay = context.space_data.overlay
if event.type == self.key_type and event.value == 'RELEASE':
# Toggle cursor on and exit only if key is tapped
if not overlay.show_cursor and not timeout:
overlay.show_cursor = True
return self.exit(context)
return self.restore(context, overlay)
if timeout:
# Reveal and Set tool to 3D Cursor when held down
# Note: Dragging the 3D Cursor only works 50% of the time. There is
# a conflict between the operator and dragging the 3D Cursor
# function when button is held down.(requires going deep into
# Blender's code to fix this) However, you can still move the
# 3D Cursor's position via clicking instead of dragging the 3D
# Cursors positon. I Was trying to make it work a bit like
# Maya's 'D' Key)
overlay.show_cursor = True
return {'PASS_THROUGH'}
def invoke(self, context, event):
cls = __class__
if not getattr(cls, "running", False):
cls.running = True
cls.prev_tool = getattr(cls, "prev_tool", None)
cur_tool = current_tool(context)
# Only store previous tool if it's not "builtin.cursor"
if cur_tool != "builtin.cursor":
cls.prev_tool = cur_tool
# Uses perf_counter instead of event timer to set timeout
# duration, since event timer doesn't reset and tends to bug out
# Set hold down time speed here: v
self.timeout = perf_counter() + 0.25
# Store key (from addon prefs) type on instance
# and use it to compare event.type during modal
p = context.preferences.addons[__name__].preferences
self.key_type = p.kmi2_type
wm = context.window_manager
# Still need this timer for modal refresh. makes the modal snappier
self.handler = wm.event_timer_add(
time_step=0.01, window=context.window)
return {'RUNNING_MODAL'}
return {'CANCELLED'}
# Callback function to set keymap item
# State based on preferences settings
def set_kmi_state(self, context):
states = self.enable_auto_visibility, self.enable_toggle_cursor
for (_, kmi), state in zip(addon_keymaps, states): = state
# Add a switch to enable or disable each Operator
class ToggleCursorPreferences(bpy.types.AddonPreferences):
bl_idname = __name__
enable_auto_visibility: BoolProperty(
name="3D Cursor Auto-Visibility",
default=True, update=set_kmi_state,
enable_toggle_cursor: BoolProperty(
name="Tap or Hold for 3D Cursor Visibility",
default=True, update=set_kmi_state,
# for VIEW3D_3d_cursor_autovisibility_operator
kmi1_type: StringProperty()
kmi1_value: StringProperty()
kmi1_alt: BoolProperty()
kmi1_ctrl: BoolProperty()
kmi1_shift: BoolProperty()
# for VIEW3D_Tap_or_Hold_3D_Cursor_Operator
kmi2_type: StringProperty()
kmi2_value: StringProperty()
kmi2_alt: BoolProperty()
kmi2_ctrl: BoolProperty()
kmi2_shift: BoolProperty()
def draw(self, context):
layout = self.layout
split = layout.split()
col_1 = split.column()
col_2 = split.column()
kmi1, kmi2 = addon_keymaps[0][1], addon_keymaps[1][1]
col_1.prop(self, "enable_auto_visibility", toggle=True)
row = col_1.row()
if not self.enable_auto_visibility:
row.enabled = False
draw_kmi(kmi1, layout, row)
col_2.prop(self, "enable_toggle_cursor", toggle=True)
row = col_2.row()
if not self.enable_toggle_cursor:
row.enabled = False
draw_kmi(kmi2, layout, row)
# when the user changes a key, the ui is redrawn and is called to sync
# kmi_type, kmi_alt, kmi_ctrl and kmi_shift with actual kmi values
def ensure_kmis(self):
kmi1_1, kmi1_2 = [kmi for km, kmi in addon_keymaps][::2]
kmi2_1, kmi2_2 = [kmi for km, kmi in addon_keymaps][1::2]
# object mode / mesh
# for VIEW3D_3d_cursor_autovisibility_operator
if self.kmi1_type != kmi1_1.type:
self.kmi1_type = kmi1_1.type
if kmi1_2.type != kmi1_1.type:
kmi1_2.type = kmi1_1.type
if self.kmi1_value != kmi1_1.value:
self.kmi1_value = kmi1_1.value
if kmi1_2.value != kmi1_1.value:
kmi1_2.value = kmi1_1.value
if self.kmi1_alt != kmi1_1.alt:
self.kmi1_alt = kmi1_1.alt
if kmi1_2.alt != kmi1_1.alt:
kmi1_2.alt = kmi1_1.alt
if self.kmi1_ctrl != kmi1_1.ctrl:
self.kmi1_ctrl = kmi1_1.ctrl
if kmi1_2.ctrl != kmi1_1.ctrl:
kmi1_2.ctrl = kmi1_1.ctrl
if self.kmi1_shift != kmi1_1.shift:
self.kmi1_shift = kmi1_1.shift
if kmi1_2.shift != kmi1_1.shift:
kmi1_2.shift = kmi1_1.shift
# for VIEW3D_Tap_or_Hold_3D_Cursor_Operator
if self.kmi2_type != kmi2_1.type:
self.kmi2_type = kmi2_1.type
if kmi2_2.type != kmi2_1.type:
kmi2_2.type = kmi2_1.type
if self.kmi2_value != kmi2_1.value:
self.kmi2_value = kmi2_1.value
if kmi2_2.value != kmi2_1.value:
kmi2_2.value = kmi2_1.value
if self.kmi2_alt != kmi2_1.alt:
self.kmi2_alt = kmi2_1.alt
if kmi2_2.alt != kmi2_1.alt:
kmi2_2.alt = kmi2_1.alt
if self.kmi2_ctrl != kmi2_1.ctrl:
self.kmi2_ctrl = kmi2_1.ctrl
if kmi2_2.ctrl != kmi2_1.ctrl:
kmi2_2.ctrl = kmi2_1.ctrl
if self.kmi2_shift != kmi2_1.shift:
self.kmi2_shift = kmi2_1.shift
if kmi2_2.shift != kmi2_1.shift:
kmi2_2.shift = kmi2_1.shift
# ui draw function for kmi
def draw_kmi(kmi, layout, col):
col = col.column()
row = col.row()
row.scale_y = 1.3
row.alignment = 'LEFT'
row.prop(kmi, "type", text="", full_event=True)
row = col.row()
row.prop(kmi, "value")
row = col.row(align=True)
row.prop(kmi, "any", toggle=True)
row.prop(kmi, "shift", toggle=True)
row.prop(kmi, "ctrl", toggle=True)
row = col.row(align=True)
split = row.split(align=True)
split.prop(kmi, "alt", toggle=True)
split.prop(kmi, "oskey", text="Cmd", toggle=True)
split.prop(kmi, "key_modifier", text="", event=True)
addon_keymaps = []
disabled = []
classes = [
# Set 3D Cursor visible state at register and unregister
def set_cursor_visible(state):
for window in
for area in window.screen.areas:
if area.type == 'VIEW_3D': = state
def register():
for cls in classes:
wm = bpy.context.window_manager
p = bpy.context.preferences.addons[__name__].preferences
# During addon registration, get the kmi values stored in preferences.
# If they are none (usually after install), resort to default value
# Set default keymaps for VIEW3D_3d_cursor_autovisibility_operator
# Replace "C" if using industry compatible keymap otherwise "BACK_SLASH"
is_industry = == "industry_compatible"
default1_type = (is_industry and "C") or "BACK_SLASH"
default1_value = "PRESS"
kmi1_type = p.kmi1_type or default1_type
kmi1_value = p.kmi1_value or default1_value
alt1 = p.kmi1_alt or 0
ctrl1 = p.kmi1_ctrl or 0
shift1 = p.kmi1_shift or 0
# Set default keymaps for VIEW3D_Tap_or_Hold_3D_Cursor_Operator
default2_type = "SEMI_COLON"
default2_value = "PRESS"
kmi2_type = p.kmi2_type or default2_type
kmi2_value = p.kmi2_value or default2_value
alt2 = p.kmi2_alt or 0
ctrl2 = p.kmi2_ctrl or 0
shift2 = p.kmi2_shift or 0
kc = wm.keyconfigs.addon
# Create Keymaps in Object Mode
km = kc.keymaps.get("Object Mode")
if not km:
km ="Object Mode")
args = "view3d.3dcursor_autovisibility", kmi1_type, kmi1_value
kmi =*args, alt=alt1, ctrl=ctrl1, shift=shift1) = p.enable_auto_visibility
addon_keymaps.append((km, kmi))
args = "wm.taporhold_3dcursor_visibility", kmi2_type, kmi2_value
kmi =*args, alt=alt2, ctrl=ctrl2, shift=shift2) = p.enable_toggle_cursor
addon_keymaps.append((km, kmi))
# Create Keymaps in Edit Mode
km = kc.keymaps.get("Mesh")
if not km:
km ="Mesh")
args = "view3d.3dcursor_autovisibility", kmi1_type, kmi1_value
kmi =*args, alt=alt1, ctrl=ctrl1, shift=shift1) = p.enable_auto_visibility
addon_keymaps.append((km, kmi))
args = "wm.taporhold_3dcursor_visibility", kmi2_type, kmi2_value
kmi =*args, alt=alt2, ctrl=ctrl2, shift=shift2) = p.enable_toggle_cursor
addon_keymaps.append((km, kmi))
# We tried to put the keymap to '3D View' but caused a lot of conflicts
# with the default keymaps and wasn't being overrriden. So we put it
# into 'Object Mode' and 'Mesh' (Edit Mode).
# Hide 3D Cursor when enableing Addon
def unregister():
for cls in classes:
for km, kmi in addon_keymaps:
# Show 3D Cursor when disabling Addon

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