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Wed, Nov 13, 1:59 AM

"""Attract-wide Eve hooks."""
import logging
import flask
from pillar.api.nodes import only_for_node_type_decorator
from .node_types import NODE_TYPES
log = logging.getLogger(__name__)
attract_nodes_only = only_for_node_type_decorator(*(nt['name'] for nt in NODE_TYPES))
def set_default_status(node):
"""Sets the default status based on the project node type dynamic schema."""
# FIXME: After upgrading to Eve 0.6.5 (which hopefully uses Cerberus 1.0+) this
# should be moved to Pillar's ValidateCustomFields class. The new Cerberus should
# (according to the docs, at least) be able to do normalisation of data based on
# the schema. So at that point in the code, the node property and its schema are
# already known, and we won't have to query for it again here.
status = node.get('properties', {}).get('status', None)
if status:
log.debug('Node already has status=%r, not setting default', status)
proj_id = node.get('project', None)
node_type_name = node.get('node_type', None)
if not proj_id or not node_type_name:
log.debug('Node %s has no project or node type, not setting status', node['_id'])
proj_coll = flask.current_app.db()['projects']
lookup = {'_id': proj_id,
'node_types': {'$elemMatch': {'name': node_type_name}}}
project = proj_coll.find_one(lookup, {
'node_types.$': 1,
schema = project['node_types'][0]['dyn_schema']
default_status = schema['status'].get('default', None)
if not default_status:
log.debug('Node type %s of project %s has no default value for status property',
node_type_name, proj_id)
node.setdefault('properties', {})['status'] = default_status
def set_default_status_nodes(nodes):
for node in nodes:
def setup_app(app):
app.on_insert_nodes += set_default_status_nodes

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