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Fri, Nov 15, 5:24 PM

# -*- encoding: utf-8 -*-
"""Hooks for shots & assets.
These two node types have very similar use, which is why they are covered by the same code.
import itertools
import logging
from attract.node_types.shot import node_type_shot, human_readable_properties
from attract.node_types.asset import node_type_asset
from pillar.api.nodes import only_for_node_type_decorator
import pillar.api.activities
import pillar.api.utils.authentication
import pillar.api.utils
import pillar.web.jinja
log = logging.getLogger(__name__)
only_for_shot = only_for_node_type_decorator(node_type_shot['name'])
for_shot_asset = only_for_node_type_decorator(node_type_shot['name'],
typenames = {
node_type_shot['name']: 'shot',
node_type_asset['name']: 'asset',
def register_shot_asset_activity(shot, descr):
user_id = pillar.api.utils.authentication.current_user_id()
'node', shot['_id'],
'project', shot['project'],
def activity_after_replacing_shot_asset(shot_or_asset, original):
Note: this is also used on PATCH, since our custom shot PATCH handler
performs a PUT-internal to run the patched node through Eve for
typename = typenames[shot_or_asset['node_type']]
# Compare to original, and either mention the things that changed,
# or (if they are equal) don't log an activity at all.
changes = list(itertools.islice(pillar.api.utils.doc_diff(shot_or_asset, original), 2))
if not changes:'Not registering replacement of %s %s, as it is identical '
'in non-private fields.', typename, shot_or_asset['_id'])
if len(changes) == 1:
(key, val_shot, _) = changes[0]
human_key = human_readable_properties[key]
except KeyError:
human_key = pillar.web.jinja.format_undertitle(key.rsplit('.', 1)[-1])
descr = None
# Some key- and value-specific overrides
if val_shot is pillar.api.utils.DoesNotExist:
descr = 'removed "%s" from shot "%s"' % (human_key, shot_or_asset['name'])
if key == 'picture':
descr = 'changed the thumbnail of %s "%s"' % (typename, shot_or_asset['name'])
elif key == 'properties.status':
val_shot = pillar.web.jinja.format_undertitle(val_shot)
elif isinstance(val_shot, basestring) and len(val_shot) > 80:
val_shot = val_shot[:80] + u'…'
if descr is None:
# A name change activity contains both the old and the new name.
descr = 'changed "%s" to "%s" in %s "%s"' % \
(human_key, val_shot, typename, original['name'])
descr = 'edited %s "%s"' % (typename, shot_or_asset['name'])
register_shot_asset_activity(shot_or_asset, descr)
def activity_after_creating_shot_asset(shot_or_asset):
typename = typenames[shot_or_asset['node_type']]
register_shot_asset_activity(shot_or_asset, 'created a new %s "%s"' % (
typename, shot_or_asset['name']))
def activity_after_creating_shots_assets(nodes):
for node in nodes:
def set_default_used_in_edit(shot):
"""Ensures that used_in_edit is always set."""
shot.setdefault('properties', {}).setdefault('used_in_edit', True)
def nodes_set_default_used_in_edit(nodes):
for node in nodes:
def activity_after_deleting_shot_asset(shot_or_asset):
typename = typenames[shot_or_asset['node_type']]
register_shot_asset_activity(shot_or_asset, 'deleted %s "%s"' % (
typename, shot_or_asset['name']))
def setup_app(app):
app.on_replaced_nodes += activity_after_replacing_shot_asset
app.on_insert_nodes += nodes_set_default_used_in_edit
app.on_inserted_nodes += activity_after_creating_shots_assets
app.on_deleted_item_nodes += activity_after_deleting_shot_asset
app.on_deleted_resource_nodes += activity_after_deleting_shot_asset

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