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Sun, Nov 17, 10:22 PM

"""Subversion interface."""
from __future__ import absolute_import
import collections
import dateutil.parser
import re
import attr
import blinker
import svn.remote
import svn.common
from pillar import attrs_extra
task_logged = blinker.NamedSignal('task_logged')
marker_re = re.compile(r'\[(?P<codetype>[TS])(?P<shortcode>[0-9a-zA-Z]+)\]')
signals = {
'T': task_logged,
# Copy of namedtuple defined in svn.common.log_default().
LogEntry = collections.namedtuple(
['date', 'msg', 'revision', 'author', 'changelist']
def create_log_entry(**namedfields):
date = namedfields.pop('date', None)
date_text = namedfields.pop('date_text', None)
if bool(date) == bool(date_text):
raise ValueError('Either date or date_text must be given.')
if date_text is not None:
date = dateutil.parser.parse(date_text)
changelist = namedfields.pop('changelist', None)
return LogEntry(date=date, changelist=changelist, **namedfields)
def obtain(server_location):
"""Returns a Connection object for the given server location."""
return svn.remote.RemoteClient(server_location)
class CommitLogObserver(object):
svn_client = attr.ib(default=None,
last_seen_revision = attr.ib(default=0, validator=attr.validators.instance_of(int))
_log = attrs_extra.log('%s.CommitLogObserver' % __name__)
def fetch_and_observe(self):
"""Obtains task IDs from SVN logs."""
self._log.debug('%s: fetch_and_observe()', self)
svn_log = self.svn_client.log_default(revision_from=self.last_seen_revision + 1)
for log_entry in svn_log:
self._log.debug('- %r', log_entry)
# assumption: revisions are always logged in strictly increasing order.
self.last_seen_revision = log_entry.revision
# Log entries can be None.
if not log_entry.msg:
except svn.common.SvnException:
# The SVN library just raises a SvnException when something goes wrong,
# without any structured indication of the error. There isn't much else
# we can do, except to log the error and return.
self._log.exception('Error calling self.svn_client.log_default()')
def process_log(self, log_entry):
"""Obtains task IDs without accessing the SVN server directly.
:type log_entry: LogEntry
self._log.debug('%s: process_log() rev=%s, author=%s',
self, log_entry.revision,
tasks_found = 0
for codetype, shortcode in self._find_ids(log_entry.msg):
signal = signals[codetype]
self._log.debug('Sending signal %s with shortcode=%s%s', signal, codetype, shortcode)
signal.send(self, shortcode='%s%s' % (codetype, shortcode), log_entry=log_entry)
tasks_found += 1
def _find_ids(self, message):
# Parse the commit log to see if there are any task/shot markers.
for match in marker_re.finditer(message[:1024]):
codetype ='codetype')
shortcode ='shortcode')
yield codetype, shortcode

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