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Thu, Dec 5, 6:22 PM
"""Commandline interface for Attract."""
import logging
from flask import current_app
from flask_script import Manager
from pillar.cli import manager
from pillar.cli.setup import create_service_account
from pillar.api.utils import authentication
import attract.setup
log = logging.getLogger(__name__)
manager_attract = Manager(current_app, usage="Perform Attract operations")
@manager_attract.option('-r', '--replace', dest='replace', action='store_true', default=False)
@manager_attract.option('-s', '--svn', dest='svn_url', nargs='?')
def setup_for_attract(project_url, replace=False, svn_url=None):
"""Adds Attract node types to the project.
Use --replace to replace pre-existing Attract node types
(by default already existing Attract node types are skipped).
attract.setup.setup_for_attract(project_url, replace=replace, svn_url=svn_url)
def create_svner_account(email, project_url):
"""Creates an account that can push SVN activity to an Attract project.
:param email: email address associated with the account
:param project_url:
projs_coll = current_app.db()['projects']
proj = projs_coll.find_one({'url': project_url},
projection={'_id': 1})
if not proj:
log.error('Unable to find project url=%s', project_url)
return 1
proj_id = proj['_id']
account, token = create_service_account(email, ['svner'], {'svner': {'project': proj_id}},
full_name=f'SVNer for project {proj_id}')
return account, token
manager.add_command("attract", manager_attract)

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