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Sat, Jan 18, 1:57 AM

import logging
from flask_script import Manager
from pillar import current_app
log = logging.getLogger(__name__)
manager_celery = Manager(
current_app, usage="Celery operations, like starting a worker or showing the queue")
@manager_celery.option('args', nargs='*')
def worker(args):
"""Runs a Celery worker."""
import sys
argv0 = f'{sys.argv[0]} operations worker'
argvother = [
'-l', 'INFO',
'--concurrency', '1',
'--pool', 'solo', # No preforking, as PyMongo can't handle connect-before-fork.
# We might get rid of this and go for the default Celery worker
# preforking concurrency model, *if* we can somehow reset the
# PyMongo client and reconnect after forking.
] + list(args)
current_app.celery.worker_main([argv0] + argvother)
def queue():
"""Shows queued Celery tasks."""
from pprint import pprint
# Inspect all nodes.
i = current_app.celery.control.inspect()
print(50 * '=')
print('Tasks that have an ETA or are scheduled for later processing:')
print('Tasks that are currently active:')
print('Tasks that have been claimed by workers:')
print(50 * '=')
def purge():
"""Deletes queued Celery tasks."""
log.warning('Purging all pending Celery tasks.')
@manager_celery.option('args', nargs='*')
def beat(args):
"""Runs the Celery beat."""
from celery.bin.beat import beat
return beat(app=current_app.celery).run_from_argv('je moeder', args, command='beat')

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