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Mon, Feb 17, 8:20 AM

"""Utility functions for MongoDB stuff."""
from bson import ObjectId
from flask import current_app
from werkzeug.exceptions import NotFound
def find_one_or_404(collection_name, object_id,
"""Returns the found object from the collection, or raises a NotFound exception.
:param collection_name: name of the collection, such as 'users' or 'files'
:type collection_name: str
:param object_id: ID of the object to find.
:type object_id: str or bson.ObjectId
:returns: the found object
:rtype: dict
:raises: werkzeug.exceptions.NotFound
collection =[collection_name]
found = collection.find_one(ObjectId(object_id),
if found is None:
raise NotFound()
return found

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