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Fri, Feb 28, 4:30 AM

import abc
import io
import logging
import typing
import pathlib
from bson import ObjectId
__all__ = ['Bucket', 'Blob', 'Path', 'FileType']
# Shorthand for the type of path we use.
Path = pathlib.PurePosixPath
# This is a mess: typing.IO keeps mypy-0.501 happy, but not in all cases,
# and io.FileIO + io.BytesIO keeps PyCharm-2017.1 happy.
FileType = typing.Union[typing.IO, io.FileIO, io.BytesIO]
class Bucket(metaclass=abc.ABCMeta):
"""Can be a GCS bucket or simply a project folder in Pillar
:type name: string
:param name: Name of the bucket. As a convention, we use the ID of
the project to name the bucket.
# Mapping from backend name to Bucket class
backends: typing.Dict[str, typing.Type['Bucket']] = {}
backend_name: str = None # define in subclass.
def __init__(self, name: str) -> None: = str(name)
def __init_subclass__(cls):
assert cls.backend_name, '%s.backend_name must be non-empty string' % cls
cls.backends[cls.backend_name] = cls
def __repr__(self):
return f'<{self.__class__.__name__} name={!r}>'
def for_backend(cls, backend_name: str) -> typing.Type['Bucket']:
"""Returns the Bucket subclass for the given backend."""
return cls.backends[backend_name]
def blob(self, blob_name: str) -> 'Blob':
"""Factory constructor for blob object.
:param blob_name: The path of the blob to be instantiated.
def get_blob(self, blob_name: str) -> typing.Optional['Blob']:
"""Get a blob object by name.
If the blob exists return the object, otherwise None.
def copy_blob(self, blob: 'Blob', to_bucket: 'Bucket'):
"""Copies a blob from the current bucket to the other bucket.
Implementations only need to support copying between buckets of the
same storage backend.
def rename_blob(self, blob: 'Blob', new_name: str) -> 'Blob':
"""Rename the blob, returning the new Blob."""
def copy_to_bucket(cls, blob_name, src_project_id: ObjectId, dest_project_id: ObjectId):
"""Copies a file from one bucket to the other."""
src_storage = cls(str(src_project_id))
dest_storage = cls(str(dest_project_id))
blob = src_storage.get_blob(blob_name)
src_storage.copy_blob(blob, dest_storage)
Bu = typing.TypeVar('Bu', bound=Bucket)
class Blob(metaclass=abc.ABCMeta):
"""A wrapper for file or blob objects."""
def __init__(self, name: str, bucket: Bucket) -> None: = name
"""Name of this blob in the bucket."""
self.bucket = bucket
self._size_in_bytes: typing.Optional[int] = None
self._log = logging.getLogger(f'{__name__}.Blob')
def __repr__(self):
return f'<{self.__class__.__name__} bucket={!r} name={!r}>'
def size(self) -> typing.Optional[int]:
"""Size of the object, in bytes.
:returns: The size of the blob or ``None`` if the property
is not set locally.
size = self._size_in_bytes
if size is None:
return None
return int(size)
def create_from_file(self, file_obj: FileType, *,
content_type: str,
file_size: int = -1):
"""Copies the file object to the storage.
:param file_obj: The file object to send to storage.
:param content_type: The content type of the file.
:param file_size: The size of the file in bytes, or -1 if unknown
def upload_from_path(self, path: pathlib.Path, content_type: str):
file_size = path.stat().st_size
with'rb') as infile:
self.create_from_file(infile, content_type=content_type,
def update_filename(self, filename: str, *, is_attachment=True):
"""Sets the filename which is used when downloading the file.
Not all storage backends support this, and will use the on-disk filename instead.
def update_content_type(self, content_type: str, content_encoding: str = ''):
"""Set the content type (and optionally content encoding).
Not all storage backends support this.
def get_url(self, *, is_public: bool) -> str:
"""Returns the URL to access this blob.
Note that this may involve API calls to generate a signed URL.
def make_public(self):
"""Makes the blob publicly available.
Only performs an actual action on backends that support temporary links.
def exists(self) -> bool:
"""Returns True iff the file exists on the storage backend."""
Bl = typing.TypeVar('Bl', bound=Blob)

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