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Wed, May 27, 2:12 AM

import werkzeug.exceptions as wz_exceptions
from pillar.api.utils.authentication import current_user
def pre_get_organizations(request, lookup):
user = current_user()
if user.is_anonymous:
raise wz_exceptions.Forbidden()
if user.has_cap('admin'):
# Allow all lookups to admins.
# Only allow users to see their own organizations.
lookup['$or'] = [{'admin_uid': user.user_id}, {'members': user.user_id}]
def pre_post_organizations(request):
user = current_user()
if user.is_anonymous or not user.has_cap('admin'):
raise wz_exceptions.Forbidden()
def setup_app(app):
app.on_pre_GET_organizations += pre_get_organizations
app.on_pre_POST_organizations += pre_post_organizations

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