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Fri, May 29, 4:13 AM


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<div id='restart'>
<h2>Restart Flamenco Manager</h2>
<p>Are you sure you want to restart Flamenco Manager? This will disable the web setup and start
normal Flamenco Manager operations. You can always restart setup mode by running
"flamenco-manager -setup".</p>
<p><em>NOTE</em>: unsaved changes will be lost! If you want to save your changes, first
<a href='javascript:history.back()'>go back and save them</a>.</p>
<form method="POST">
<div class='row' style='margin: 2em'>
<div class='col-md-4'><a href="/setup" class='btn btn-success'>« Back to web setup</a></div>
<div class='col-md-offset-4 col-md-4' style='text-align: right'><button type="submit" class='btn btn-danger'>Restart</button></div>
<p>Note to advanced users: If you have integrated Flamenco Manager with SysV, systemd, or other
system-level service manager, do not use this option. Instead, use the system integration to
restart Flamenco Manager.</p>

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