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"""Organization patching support."""
import logging
import bson
from flask import Blueprint, jsonify
import werkzeug.exceptions as wz_exceptions
from pillar.api.utils.authentication import current_user
from pillar.api.utils import authorization, str2id, jsonify
from pillar.api import patch_handler
from pillar import current_app
log = logging.getLogger(__name__)
patch_api_blueprint = Blueprint('pillar.api.organizations.patch', __name__)
class OrganizationPatchHandler(patch_handler.AbstractPatchHandler):
item_name = 'organization'
def patch_assign_users(self, org_id: bson.ObjectId, patch: dict):
"""Assigns users to an organization.
The calling user must be admin of the organization.
# Do some basic validation.
emails = patch['emails']
except KeyError:
raise wz_exceptions.BadRequest('No key "email" in patch.')
if not all(isinstance(email, str) for email in emails):
raise wz_exceptions.BadRequest('Invalid list of email addresses')'User %s uses PATCH to add users to organization %s',
current_user().user_id, org_id)
org_doc = current_app.org_manager.assign_users(org_id, emails)
return jsonify(org_doc)
def patch_remove_user(self, org_id: bson.ObjectId, patch: dict):
"""Removes a user from an organization.
The calling user must be admin of the organization.
# Do some basic validation.
email = patch.get('email') or None
user_id = patch.get('user_id')
user_oid = str2id(user_id) if user_id else None'User %s uses PATCH to remove user from organization %s',
current_user().user_id, org_id)
org_doc = current_app.org_manager.remove_user(org_id, user_id=user_oid, email=email)
return jsonify(org_doc)
def _assert_is_admin(self, org_id):
om = current_app.org_manager
if not om.user_is_admin(org_id):
log.warning('User %s uses PATCH to edit organization %s, '
'but is not admin of that Organization. Request denied.',
current_user().user_id, org_id)
raise wz_exceptions.Forbidden()
def patch_edit_from_web(self, org_id: bson.ObjectId, patch: dict):
"""Updates Organization fields from the web."""
from pymongo.results import UpdateResult
current_user_id = current_user().user_id
# Only take known fields from the patch, don't just copy everything.
update = {
'name': patch['name'].strip(),
'description': patch.get('description', '').strip(),
'website': patch.get('website', '').strip(),
}'User %s edits Organization %s: %s', current_user_id, org_id, update)
validator = current_app.validator_for_resource('organizations')
if not validator.validate_update(update, org_id):
resp = jsonify({
'_errors': validator.errors,
'_message': ', '.join(f'{field}: {error}'
for field, error in validator.errors.items()),
resp.status_code = 422
return resp
organizations_coll = current_app.db('organizations')
result: UpdateResult = organizations_coll.update_one(
{'_id': org_id},
{'$set': update}
if result.matched_count != 1:
self.log.warning('User %s edits Organization %s but update matched %i items',
current_user_id, org_id, result.matched_count)
raise wz_exceptions.BadRequest()
return '', 204
def setup_app(app):
app.register_api_blueprint(patch_api_blueprint, url_prefix='/organizations')

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