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"""Our custom Jinja filters and other template stuff."""
from __future__ import absolute_import
import jinja2.filters
from pillar.web.utils import pretty_date
from pillar.web.nodes.routes import url_for_node
def format_pretty_date(d):
return pretty_date(d)
def format_pretty_date_time(d):
return pretty_date(d, detail=True)
def format_undertitle(s):
"""Underscore-replacing title filter.
Replaces underscores with spaces, and then applies Jinja2's own title filter.
return jinja2.filters.do_title(s.replace('_', ' '))
def setup_jinja_env(jinja_env):
jinja_env.filters['pretty_date'] = format_pretty_date
jinja_env.filters['pretty_date_time'] = format_pretty_date_time
jinja_env.filters['undertitle'] = format_undertitle
jinja_env.globals['url_for_node'] = url_for_node

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