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"""Project patching support."""
import logging
import flask
from flask import Blueprint, request
import werkzeug.exceptions as wz_exceptions
from pillar import current_app
from pillar.auth import current_user
from pillar.api.utils import random_etag, str2id, utcnow
from pillar.api.utils import authorization
log = logging.getLogger(__name__)
blueprint = Blueprint('projects.patch', __name__)
@blueprint.route('/<project_id>', methods=['PATCH'])
def patch_project(project_id: str):
"""Undelete a project.
This is done via a custom PATCH due to the lack of transactions of MongoDB;
we cannot undelete both project-referenced files and file-referenced
projects in one atomic operation.
# Parse the request
pid = str2id(project_id)
patch = request.get_json()
if not patch:
raise wz_exceptions.BadRequest('Expected JSON body')
log.debug('User %s wants to PATCH project %s: %s', current_user, pid, patch)
# 'undelete' is the only operation we support now, so no fancy handler registration.
op = patch.get('op', '')
if op != 'undelete':
log.warning('User %s sent unsupported PATCH op %r to project %s: %s',
current_user, op, pid, patch)
raise wz_exceptions.BadRequest(f'unsupported operation {op!r}')
# Get the project to find the user's permissions.
proj_coll = current_app.db('projects')
proj = proj_coll.find_one({'_id': pid})
if not proj:
raise wz_exceptions.NotFound(f'project {pid} not found')
allowed = authorization.compute_allowed_methods('projects', proj)
if 'PUT' not in allowed:
log.warning('User %s tried to undelete project %s but only has permissions %r',
current_user, pid, allowed)
raise wz_exceptions.Forbidden(f'no PUT access to project {pid}')
if not proj.get('_deleted', False):
raise wz_exceptions.BadRequest(f'project {pid} was not deleted, unable to undelete')
# Undelete the files. We cannot do this via Eve, as it doesn't support
# PATCHing collections, so direct MongoDB modification is used to set
# _deleted=False and provide new _etag and _updated values.
new_etag = random_etag()
log.debug('undeleting files before undeleting project %s', pid)
files_coll = current_app.db('files')
update_result = files_coll.update_many(
{'project': pid},
{'$set': {'_deleted': False,
'_etag': new_etag,
'_updated': utcnow()}})'undeleted %d of %d file documents of project %s',
update_result.modified_count, update_result.matched_count, pid)'undeleting project %s on behalf of user %s', pid, current_user)
update_result = proj_coll.update_one({'_id': pid},
{'$set': {'_deleted': False}})'undeleted %d project document %s', update_result.modified_count, pid)
resp = flask.Response('', status=204)
resp.location = flask.url_for('projects.view', project_url=proj['url'])
return resp
def setup_app(app):
# This needs to be on the same URL prefix as Eve uses for the collection,
# and not /p as used for the other Projects API calls.
app.register_api_blueprint(blueprint, url_prefix='/projects')

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