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"""Commandline interface for Attract."""
from __future__ import print_function, division
import copy
import logging
from bson import ObjectId
from eve.methods.put import put_internal
from flask import current_app
from pillar.cli import manager
log = logging.getLogger(__name__)
def _get_project(project_url):
"""Find a project in the database, or SystemExit()s.
:param project_url: UUID of the project
:type: str
:return: the project
:rtype: dict
projects_collection =['projects']
# Find the project in the database.
project = projects_collection.find_one({'url': project_url})
if not project:
log.error('Project %s does not exist.', project_url)
raise SystemExit()
return project
def _update_project(project):
"""Updates a project in the database, or SystemExit()s.
:param project: the project data, should be the entire project document
:type: dict
:return: the project
:rtype: dict
from pillar.api.utils import remove_private_keys
from pillar.api.utils import authentication
project_id = ObjectId(project['_id'])
project = remove_private_keys(project)
result, _, _, status_code = put_internal('projects', project, _id=project_id)
if status_code != 200:
log.error("Can't update project %s, issues: %s", project_id, result)
raise SystemExit()
@manager.option('-r', '--replace', dest='replace', action='store_true', default=False)
def setup_for_attract(project_url, replace=False):
"""Adds Attract node types to the project.
Use --replace to replace pre-existing Attract node types
(by default already existing Attract node types are skipped).
from .node_types import NODE_TYPES
# Copy permissions from the project, then give everyone with PUT
# access also DELETE access.
project = _get_project(project_url)
permissions = copy.deepcopy(project['permissions'])
for perms in permissions.values():
for perm in perms:
methods = set(perm['methods'])
if 'PUT' not in perm['methods']:
perm['methods'] = list(methods)
# Make a copy of the node types when setting the permissions, as
# we don't want to mutate the global node type objects.
node_types = (dict(permissions=permissions, **nt) for nt in NODE_TYPES)
# Add the missing node types.
for node_type in node_types:
found = [nt for nt in project['node_types']
if nt['name'] == node_type['name']]
if found:
assert len(found) == 1, 'node type name should be unique (found %ix)' % len(found)
# TODO: validate that the node type contains all the properties Attract needs.
if replace:'Replacing existing node type %s', node_type['name'])
_update_project(project)'Project %s was updated for Attract.', project_url)

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