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import logging
from flask import Blueprint, render_template, url_for, request, current_app
import werkzeug.exceptions as wz_exceptions
from pillar.api.utils import jsonify
from pillar.api.utils import authorization, authentication
from attract import EXTENSION_NAME
from attract.routes import attract_project_view
blueprint = Blueprint('attract.subversion', __name__, url_prefix='/')
api_blueprint = Blueprint('attract.api.subversion', __name__, url_prefix='/api')
log = logging.getLogger(__name__)
def subversion_kick(project, attract_props):
from attract import subversion
svn_server_url = attract_props.svn_url # 'svn://localhost/agent327''Re-examining SVN server %s', svn_server_url)
client = subversion.obtain(svn_server_url)
# TODO: last_seen_revision should be stored, probably at the project level.
last_seen_revision = 0
observer = subversion.CommitLogObserver(client, last_seen_revision=last_seen_revision)
return jsonify({
'previous_last_seen_revision': last_seen_revision,
'last_seen_revision': observer.last_seen_revision,
@api_blueprint.route('/<project_url>/subversion/log', methods=['POST'])
@authorization.require_login(require_roles={u'service', u'svner'}, require_all=True)
def subversion_log(project_url):
if request.mimetype != 'application/json':
log.debug('Received %s instead of application/json', request.mimetype)
raise wz_exceptions.BadRequest()
# Parse the request
args = request.json
revision = args['revision']
commit_message = args['msg']
commit_author = args['author']
commit_date = args['date']
except KeyError as ex:'subversion_log(%s): request is missing key %s', project_url, ex)
raise wz_exceptions.BadRequest()
current_user_id = authentication.current_user_id()'Service account %s registers SVN commit %s of user %s',
current_user_id, revision, commit_author)
assert current_user_id
users_coll = current_app.db()['users']
projects_coll = current_app.db()['projects']
project = projects_coll.find_one({'url': project_url},
projection={'_id': 1, 'url': 1,
'extension_props': 1})
if not project:
return 'Project not found', 403
# Check that the service user is allowed to log on this project.
srv_user = users_coll.find_one(current_user_id,
projection={'service.svner': 1})
if srv_user is None:
log.error('subversion_log(%s): current user %s not found -- how did they log in?',
project['url'], current_user_id)
return 'User not found', 403
allowed_project = srv_user.get('service', {}).get('svner', {}).get('project')
if allowed_project != project['_id']:
log.warning('subversion_log(%s): current user %s not authorized to project %s',
project['url'], current_user_id, project['_id'])
return 'Project not allowed', 403
from attract import subversion
attract_props = project['extension_props'][EXTENSION_NAME]
except KeyError:
return 'Not set up for Attract', 400
svn_server_url = attract_props['svn_url']
log.debug('Receiving commit from SVN server %s', svn_server_url)
log_entry = subversion.create_log_entry(revision=revision,
observer = subversion.CommitLogObserver()
log.debug('Processing %s via %s', log_entry, observer)
return 'Registered in Attract'

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