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Bevel Tool Toolbar Layout - Multiple Overflow Popovers

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D5832: UI: Add the rest of bevel's options to the active tool adds a handy way to create a generic overflow popover. With the additional properties that will be added by D6386: [WIP] Bevel: Constant Radius Mode, I think it'd be worthwhile to explore ways to integrate multiple overflow popovers.

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Asher (ThatAsherGuy) created Bevel Tool Toolbar Layout - Multiple Overflow Popovers.Dec 12 2019, 8:22 PM
Inline Comments

Using a popover just for the custom profile is a bit overkill, but the incoming profile options would fit nicely.

We could swap the profile slider for the custom profile preset selector when custom profiles are enabled.

I'd move the 'Vertex Only' option to the third popover.

We could put 'Clamp Overlap' and 'Loop Slide' in the same row. Not sure whether we should prioritize short popovers or narrow popovers.

Inline Comments

Thought: Putting a popover on the left-most side would allow for a left-to-right mode → settings → options pattern, which could be applied to other tools. We could even combine tools like Spin and Spin Duplicates, swapping the icon based on what's selected in the mode popover.